Jared Polis Releases New Ad Highlighting Innovative Plans to Save Coloradans Money

Jared Polis today released a positive TV ad focusing on Colorado’s innovative, frontier spirit. The ad, entitled “Motion,” highlights how Jared’s plans to save Coloradans money will ensure families can thrive in our state and keep Colorado moving in the right direction.


“Colorado is a bold, forward-looking state, and this election is about making sure we keep moving in the right direction,” Jared Polis said. “Together, we can preserve our great Colorado way of life and make sure every family can thrive in the communities we love — with good-paying jobs across our state, a plan to save you money on health care, and a great education for every child.”


Watch the ad here.

Here is the transcript:


Narrator: Always in motion. Never. Standing. Still. That’s Colorado. That’s Jared Polis.


Jared: Colorado has a real frontier spirit. It’s really about innovation.


Narrator: Jared Polis built visionary businesses by caring for employees. Paying them well. Providing good health benefits. Now running for governor on…


Jared: Bold ideas to save you money.


Narrator: Creating good-paying jobs, lowering health care costs, and greateducation.


Jared: The state where everybody can thrive.


Narrator: Keep Colorado moving. Jared Polis: Governor.

MONDAY: Jared Polis, Dianne Primavera to Announce Additional Health Care Policies in Frisco

New Proposals Follow Listening Sessions, Stakeholder Meetings throughout  CO


FRISCO — In a Monday morning press conference with local leaders and health care professionals, Jared Polis and Dianne Primavera will announce additional proposals to reduce the cost of health care, expand access, and improve quality of care in Colorado.

These additional policies are the product of dozens of meetings with families and health care leaders that Jared and Dianne have convened across Colorado over the past three months, including a Health Care Listening Tour through Grand Junction, Delta, Silverton, and Durango immediately after Dianne joined the ticket.

Jared has made health care a centerpiece of his campaign, outlining a vision for universal health care as well as immediate steps to expand access to affordable care in Colorado. Dianne has been a Colorado health care leader for nearly three decades. A four-time cancer survivor, she has held multiple leadership roles in multiple non-profit and public-sector organizations, and was a bipartisan leader on health care policy during her four terms in the State Legislature.


Jared Polis
Dianne Primavera
Dr. Christine A. Ebert-Santos
Summit County Commissioner Dan Gibbs
State Senator Kerry Donovan
State Rep. Chris Kennedy
Eagle County Commissioner Jill Ryan
Julie McCluskie, Candidate for HD61

Polis-Primavera Health Care Policy Announcement

Offices of Dr. Christine A. Ebert-Santos
730 N Summit Blvd, Frisco

Monday, September 17
9:00 – 10:00 a.m.

ICYMI: Denver Post Calls Polis’ Transparency ‘Laudable’, Refutes ‘Misleading’ RGA Attack Ad

In case you missed it, a Denver Post editorial yesterday refuted the absurd latest attack ad Walker Stapleton’s special-interest allies are airing against Jared Polis, writing that Polis’ behavior was indeed “completely appropriate.”

The editorial board notes that it feels comfortable refuting the false claims against Polis precisely because he released several years of tax returns — something that Stapleton has never done.

Denver Post Editorial: We Know Polis Didn’t Evade Taxes Because He Released His Tax Records

“Jared Polis is right; it is “completely appropriate” for someone who doesn’t have any net income not to pay federal income tax.

“But you wouldn’t know that based on the misleading ads that are being run by the Republican Governors Association.

“The television ad makes it sound like Polis has used clever accounting tricks, specifically off-shore accounts that shelter money from the IRS, to avoid paying federal income taxes.

The Denver Post’s reporters have never found evidence of such behavior in Polis’ lengthy financial disclosures required by Congress or in the tax documents he voluntarily disclosed when he ran for Congress in 2008.

The Denver Post’s Jon Murray reported that in the four years spanning 2001 to 2005, Polis reported “a net loss of income.” Murray noted that in other years “Polis paid more than $18.4 million in income taxes on more than $120 million in adjusted gross income.”

“We are certain that Polis, like all good businessmen, has taken full advantage of the deductions and exemptions in the tax code to help minimize his tax bill, but Polis’ campaign is insistent that he has not personally used an off-shore tax haven.

“It’s important to note that the reason we feel comfortable refuting these claims is that Polis took the laudable step in 2008, the year he was first elected to Congress, to make seven years of tax returns available for scrutiny.

“That type of transparency and openness is no longer the status quo.

“President Donald Trump has been sitting in the White House for almost two years now without disclosing his tax records. He is the first president not to do so in decades.”

Read the rest of the editorial here.

New Polis Campaign Website Aims to Solve Eight-Year Mystery: Where Is Walker Stapleton When He’s Supposed to Be at Work?

Whereiswalker.co highlights Stapleton’s curious inability to show up for, let alone do, his taxpayer-funded job

The Polis for Colorado campaign today launched a new website, WhereIsWalker.co, spotlighting Walker Stapleton’s refusal to fulfill his basic responsibilities as State Treasurer, up to and including showing up for work.

The website highlights that while most Coloradans can’t get away with skipping work when traffic is bad, Stapleton has said that when it’s raining out, his commute becomes so long that he “might as well stay in bed.”

Stapleton’s failure to show up for his work is coupled with a failure to fight for Colorado families on the issues that matter most — including our underfunded public schools and the rising cost of health care.

“While Coloradans across our state are working harder for less, Walker Stapleton collects a full-time salary as State Treasurer but barely puts in part-time hours,” said Polis for Colorado spokesperson Mara Sheldon. “When he does show up, he supports policies that hurt hardworking Coloradans — like taking money away from public schools and giving it to prisons, ripping away health care from hundreds of thousands of Coloradans while raising costs for everyone else, and forcing police officers, teachers, and firefighters who depend on pensions to ‘suffer’ when they retire.”

See more at https://www.whereiswalker.co/

Polis Releases Positive TV Ad on Education, Health Care, Cost of Living

Jared Polis today released a third positive TV ad in the Colorado governor’s race. The ad, entitled “Future,” is focused on Jared’s vision for tackling the rising cost of living that prevent Colorado families from getting ahead.

“We don’t want an economy where Coloradans just get by,” Jared Polis said. “We want an economy where Coloradans can thrive, and enjoy the Colorado way of life that makes our state such a special place to live. If we work together and take bold action to lower health care costs, invest in our public schools, and create good-paying jobs across our state, we can make that vision a reality.”

Watch the ad here

Here is the transcript:

Jared: I feel so lucky to be able to raise my kids right here in Colorado, but too many people are struggling just to keep up.

I’m Jared Polis, and here’s what I’ll do to help people afford to live here and thrive: Invest in our public schools, lower the cost of prescription drugs, real reforms to make health care more affordable.

Everyone in Colorado deserves the opportunity to live a great life.

Narrator: Bold solutions, real results for all Coloradans.

ICYMI: Polis Greeted with Packed Houses, ‘Thunderous Applause’ on Successful 13-Stop Western Slope Tour

Though he is unable to attend the Club 20 debate, Jared Polis is listening to voters across Western Colorado and working hard to address the challenges their families face.

Yesterday, Jared concluded a series of roundtables, business visits, and standing-room-only meet-and-greets in Western Colorado. During the three-day tour through Buena Vista, Salida, Gunnison, Crested Butte, Montrose, Grand Junction, Rifle, Meeker, Craig, and Steamboat Springs, he had productive and overwhelmingly positive conversations with voters about issues like public lands, broadband access, the agriculture economy, and the cost of health care.

Check out some of the press coverage:

Grand Junction Sentinel: Polis: I’ll be a governor for all

“While Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis told a crowd of nearly 150 people packed into a Grand Junction coffee shop on Saturday that he will be a governor for the entire state, his speech focused on issues near and dear to the Western Slope. Protecting public lands. Expanding broadband internet infrastructure to rural areas. Working to get the Bureau of Land Management to relocate its headquarters to Grand Junction.”

Western Slope Now: Jared Polis visits Grand Junction

“Jared Polis has been very busy, visiting cities and town across Colorado to layout his platform and try and encourage voters to lean left. […] After making multiple stops in Grand Junction, Jared Polis finally arrived in Grand Junction to thunderous applause. A large crowd had gathered at Main Street Bagels to listen to the democratic nominee for governor speak, and to share their concerns and hopes for the Western Slope.”

KKCO 11: Jared Polis visits Grand Junction

“‘We just want to hear from people in their communities, and I think people value that kind of authenticity,’ Polis said.

“Specifically, he wants to create jobs for the people.

“‘I’m somebody that can make things happen. And I’m excited to bring that passion around economic development and job creation to western Colorado,’ Polis said.”

Craig Daily Press: Democratic candidates for governor visits Craig, part of Labor Day western Colorado tour

“As many enjoy the last holiday weekend of summer, Democratic candidate for Governor Jared Polis is on a whirlwind tour of the western part of the state, where education, health care costs, and the economy are of great interest. […] The three-day tour included stops on Sunday in Steamboat Springs, Meeker, and Craig. In Craig, he met and talked with about 40 people, some of whom had driven from Hayden, under a shaded pavilion at Woodbury Park. Polis introduced himself as a businessman who understands the needs of agriculture-based businesses, as well as the necessity of broadband in job creations.”

Colorado Politics: Big Western Slope weekend with Polis ticks off the GOP

“Jared Polis is making 13 campaign stops on the Western Slope over the Labor Day weekend, and Republicans aren’t taking the news well.”

On Labor Day, Jared Polis Releases Digital Ad Highlighting His Commitment to Colorado Workers

Jared Has Been Endorsed by Labor Unions across Colorado

Jared Polis today released a new digital ad that features Colorado union members speaking about the challenges they face and why they support Jared Polis for governor.

The ad, which will run throughout the week on all of the Polis campaign’s digital platforms, includes members of the IBEW Local 68, Pipefitters Local 208, Colorado Education Association, SEIU, and UFCW.

“Everywhere I go in Colorado, I meet hardworking men and women who feel like they can’t get ahead despite our booming economy,” Jared Polis said. “Paychecks have barely budged, but putting your kid through preschool, paying off medical bills, and finding a place to live have gotten more expensive than ever. I couldn’t be prouder to have the support of so many organizations representing working Coloradans. I’m in this fight to build a Colorado economy that works for everyone, not just the special interests and well connected.”

Earlier this year, Jared released a comprehensive plan entitled “CO Workers” to raise wages for Coloradans, expand access to good-paying careers, tackle the rising cost of living, and future-proof our economy.

Watch the ad here


Here is a transcript:

IBEW worker: I don’t mind working hard, and I’m proud of working hard.

SEIU worker: If the economy is doing well…

UFCW nurse: …workers like us should do well, too.

IBEW worker: People used to be able to retire with comfort and dignity.

Pipefitter: Colorado is booming, and it’s the special interests who are reaping the rewards. Our bills keep going up…

Pipefitter: …But our paychecks aren’t keeping up.

UFCW nurse: We need an economy that works for everyone.

Pipefitter: So we all have an opportunity to get ahead.

IBEW worker: That’s why…

CEA teacher: That’s why…

SEIU worker: That’s why…

Pipefitter: …I support Jared Polis for governor.

FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY: Jared Polis to Hold Public Events Throughout Western Colorado

From Friday, Aug. 31, through Sunday, Sept. 2, Democratic gubernatorial nominee Jared Polis will hold a series of public meet-and-greets, roundtables, and business visits in Western Colorado. The three-day tour will include stops in Buena Vista, Salida, Gunnison, Crested Butte, Montrose, Grand Junction, Rifle, Meeker, Craig, and Steamboat Springs.


Friday, August 31: Buena Vista, Salida, Gunnison, Crested Butte

Buena Vista Meet-and-Greet
WHERE: The Garage at Watershed BV, 410 E. Main St., Buena Vista
WHEN: 10:00 a.m.– 11:00 a.m.

Salida Meet-and-Greet
WHERE: Seasons Cafe, 300 W. Sackett Ave., Salida
WHEN: 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Roundtable with Gunnison Sustainable Tourism & Outdoor Recreation Committee
WHERE: Gunnison County Courthouse, Second Floor, 200 E. Virginia Ave., Gunnison
WHEN: 2:15 p.m.– 3:15 p.m.

Tour of Western State Colorado University Environment & Sustainability Program
WHERE: Kelley Hall, Western State Colorado University, Gunnison
WHEN: 3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Meet-and-Greet at Western State Colorado University Politics & Government Club
WHERE: North Conference Room in the University Center, 1 Western Way, Gunnison
WHEN: 4:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Crested Butte Meet-and-Greet
WHERE: Rumors Coffee, 414 Elk Ave, Crested Butte
WHEN: 6:30 p.m.– 7:30 p.m.

Saturday, September 1: Montrose, Grand Junction, Rifle

Montrose Meet-and-Greet
WHERE: Loony Bean Cafe, 3480 Wolverine Dr., Suite A, Montrose
WHEN: 9:00 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.

Grand Junction Meet-and-Greet
WHERE: Main St. Bagels, 559 Main St., Grand Junction
WHEN: 1:10 p.m. – 2:10 p.m.

Tour of Lilu’s Garden Hemp Farm
WHERE: 1404 Peterson Ln., Rifle
WHEN: 5:00 p.m.– 6:00 p.m.

Rifle Meet-and-Greet
WHERE: Lily’s Kitchen, 232 W. 3rd St., Rifle
WHEN: 6:15 p.m.– 7:00 p.m.

Sunday, September 2: Meeker, Craig, Steamboat Springs

Meeker Meet-and-Greet
WHERE: Meeker Cafe, 560 Main St., Meeker
WHEN: 9:30 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.

Craig Meet-and-Greet
WHERE: Woodbury Park, 1388 W. 3rd St., Craig
WHEN: 11:15 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Steamboat Springs Meet-and-Greet
WHERE: Steamboat Flyfisher, 35 5th St., Steamboat Springs
WHEN: 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Tour of Smartwool Factory
WHERE: 3495 Airport Cir., Steamboat Springs
WHEN: 2:15 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.

Polis for Colorado Campaign Releases New TV Ad Highlighting Jared Polis’ Business Record

As a self-made entrepreneur, Jared created hundreds of jobs and ensured employees shared in the companies’ success

As Walker Stapleton’s special-interest allies bombard Colorado airwaves with substance-free attack ads, the Polis for Colorado campaign today released another positive ad focusing on Jared Polis’ record and vision for Colorado.

Narrated by Jay Jones, a Colorado business owner who launched his first business under Jared’s mentorship the ad focuses on Jared’s success as a self-made entrepreneur, his respect for his employees, and his commitment to helping Colorado families overcome the rising cost of living.

“Across Colorado, families feel like they can’t get ahead. Paychecks have barely budged, but between housing, health care, school, and daycare, the cost of living has gotten out of control,” Jared Polis said. “I’m approaching these challenges as an entrepreneur. I’ll bring that innovative spirit to the governor’s office and work to build an economy where Coloradans can not just get by, but thrive.”

View the ad here.

Here is the transcript:

Jay: We need a governor who gets things done, and Jared Polis always has. He created three successful businesses before he was 30, and that created hundreds of good-paying jobs. What makes Jared unique is that he gave health care to the people who worked for him. He gave stock options, too. When the company did well, so did the workers.

Jared: Wages haven’t kept up with the cost of living. We need an economy that works for everyone.

Jay: That’s what he’ll do as governor — help all Coloradans.

Polis for Colorado Campaign Places October Statewide TV Ad Buy

The Polis for Colorado campaign today announced it has placed a $3 million ad buy for the final weeks of the campaign in the Denver, Colorado Springs-Pueblo, and Grand Junction-Montrose media markets.

“Throughout Colorado, there is already incredible excitement for Jared’s bold plans to reduce the cost of health care, invest in our public schools, and tackle the rising cost of living so that Colorado families can get ahead,” said Polis for Colorado Campaign Manager Jenn Ridder. “We have more than 3,000 volunteers on the ground who have knocked on 120,000 doors in just the last month. We’re excited to build on that momentum and make sure that Jared’s positive message of protecting our Colorado way of life in the face of rising costs reaches Coloradans in every community.

Polis for Colorado Campaign Releases First-of-its-Kind Blockchain Policy for Colorado

Campaign also starts accepting cryptocurrency donations

The Polis for Colorado campaign today released a first-of-its-kind blockchain one-pager. Blockchain is a growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked using cryptography. Polis’ policy outlines an innovative vision that highlights the growth and expansion of distributed ledger technology and a pathway forward for Colorado to be a leader in this emerging sector.  


“Coloradans have a forward-looking vision, and blockchain has the potential to revolutionize our future. As governor, I plan to take the necessary steps to help Colorado be the nation’s leader in blockchain innovation and jobs, and grow Colorado’s economy while saving taxpayers money,” Jared Polis said. “It’s still the early days in the evolution of blockchain, but we should take the opportunity to get out ahead. I’m thrilled to have worked with blockchain leaders to implement this bold, innovative vision that will make Colorado the best place in the country to start or grow a blockchain company.”


The plan outline highlights the potential use of Blockchain technology to:

  • Strengthen Colorado’s election systems and cybersecurity  
  • Establish a ‘regulatory sandbox’ and securities safe harbor
  • Improve energy load balancing for a more reliable & secure electric grid
  • Enhance government transparency through the digitizing of government records


The one-pager also calls for the continued support and expansion of the Council for the Advancement of Blockchain Technology Use, which was established by Gov. John Hickenlooper to explore further work and use of Blockchain technology.


Polis has been a leader in Blockchain technology throughout his time in Congress and founded the Blockchain Caucus. In 2014, he hosted a Bitcoin Demo Day at the U.S. Capitol to give lawmakers a chance to ask questions to industry experts and address concerns about the emerging technology of online currency.

The issue page can be found here.

Donate to Polis for Colorado:

TUESDAY: Jared Polis to Lead Veterans Roundtable Discussion with U.S. Rep. Seth Moulton

TUESDAY: Jared Polis to Lead Veterans Roundtable Discussion with U.S. Rep. Seth Moulton

Members of Patriot Boot Camp will be attending
as individuals and in their personal capacity

Denver — On Tuesday, August 7, Democratic gubernatorial nominee Jared Polis will lead a roundtable discussion on veterans issues with U.S. Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA), a former Marine Corps Officer.

Members of the media who wish to attend this event should RSVP to Mara Sheldon at mara@polisforcolorado.com.


WHO: Jared Polis, Seth Moulton, Colorado veterans, and individuals from Patriot Boot Camp, a non-profit co-founded by Polis to help veterans and military families start their own businesses.

WHAT: Roundtable Discussion on Veterans Issues

WHERE: 600 Grant Street, Ste. 650, Denver, CO

WHEN: Tuesday, August 7th, 11:30am-12:30pm

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