Polis to Caucus, Petition onto Democratic Ballot in Governor’s Race

Polis to Caucus, Petition onto Democratic Ballot in Governor’s Race
Will Host #CaucusForJared Phone Bank Tonight at Aurora Community Office

AURORA — Jared Polis today announced that he will participate in the 2018 Democratic Caucuses and collect petition signatures to qualify for the primary ballot in the Colorado governor’s race.

“This truly is a people-powered campaign, and I’m so grateful to have earned the support of so many Coloradans. Since we launched our campaign, I’ve been blown away by the incredible support from hardworking Coloradans across our state, from Grand Junction to Fort Collins and from Alamosa to Yuma,” said Jared Polis. “Voters across Colorado have been energized by our bold plans for the future, like universal pre-K, making Colorado 100% energy renewable by 2040, and building an economy that works for everyone. Working together, there’s no limit to what we can do for Colorado.”

Jared will host a #CaucusForJared phone bank tonight at his Aurora community office, where he will speak with volunteers and make calls to caucus attendees. Members of the press, please contact Mara Sheldon if you plan to attend: press@polisforcolorado.com.

WHAT: #CaucusForJared Volunteer Phone Bank
WHERE: Polis for Colorado Aurora office, 16744 E. Iliff Ave, Aurora, CO
WHEN: Thursday, January 4, 6:00 PM


ICYMI: After Unveiling Education Plan for Colorado, Polis Hits the Road to Give Thanks to Teachers

After announcing a comprehensive plan for the future of K-12 education in Colorado, Jared Polis hit the road last week to talk with teachers and thank them for all the sacrifices they make on behalf of kids in Colorado. Polis’ “Giving Thanks to Teachers” tour took him to Denver, Johnstown, Windsor, and Greeley.


“It’s time for us to not just talk about valuing teachers and investing in our students, but to actually roll up our sleeves and get it done,” Polis said of his education plan. “My goal as governor will be to build aneducation system here in Colorado where teachers are respected, where public schools in every community are supported, and where every child gets a strong start and the great education they need to unlock a bright future. I’m proud to be partnering with dedicated Colorado educators and parents to craft a bold plan to overcome the challenges we face.”


Polis holds a roundtable discussion with Colorado public school teachers on Monday, Nov. 20.

Polis meets with teachers and administrators at Letford Elementary School in Johnstown on Tuesday, Nov. 21.

Polis holds a roundtable discussion with teachers and administrators at Windsor High School in Windsor on Tuesday, Nov. 21.

Polis reads “Mrs. Katz and Tush” to students at Billie Martinez Elementary School in Greeley on Tuesday, Nov. 21.



Polis Unveils Comprehensive Education Plan for Colorado

Jared Polis, Democratic candidate for governor of Colorado, today released a comprehensive plan to make Colorado the best state in the nation for students, parents, and teachers.

Key elements of the education plan, which is available in full here, include:

  • Making free, full-day kindergarten and preschool available in every community in Colorado;
  • Ending our teacher shortage by building affordable housing and providing student loan relief for teachers who commit to serving in high-need and rural areas;
  • Raising teacher pay and providing opportunities for teachers to grow professionally;
  • Giving teachers a voice on the job by supporting collective bargaining rights and stopping the vilification of teachers;
  • Putting Coloradans to work building and renovating our schools;
  • Increasing collaboration with teacher-led professional development communities; and
  • Equipping all students with the skills to compete in a 21st-century economy

“It’s time for us to not just talk about valuing teachers and investing in our students, but to actually roll up our sleeves and get it done,” Polis said. “My goal as governor will be to build an education system here in Colorado where teachers are respected, where public schools in every community are supported, and where every child gets a strong start and the great education they need to unlock a bright future. I’m proud to be partnering with dedicated Colorado educators and parents to craft a bold plan to overcome the challenges we face.”

“Jared’s plan will tackle the challenges that have been plaguing Colorado’s public education system for decades, including low pay, a teacher shortage, and underfunded schools across our state,” said Jamie Davis, a teacher and instructional coach in Cañon City. “These are bold ideas, but they are also detailed and thoughtful. Jared believes that education is the single most meaningful investment America can make in its economic future and in its people. Knowing Jared’s background fighting for our public schools, I trust him to get the job done.”

“Jared’s plan is a roadmap for serving our most vulnerable kids,” said Greeley School Board Member Rhonda Solis. “It’s a roadmap for making sure no child is falling through the cracks, and that all our children — no matter who they are or where they live — are prepared to compete in a 21st-century economy. It’s more than an education plan. It’s also a jobs plan.”

“Many candidates offer vague platitudes and soundbites about how to best improve public education and serve our kids — ideas that are based on limited understanding and myths about education,” said Shari Crist, an assistant principal, parent, and former teacher in Arvada. “Jared offers a vision that is well thought out, researched, and based on real needs. He has created a comprehensive and visionary policy that will lift up educators, lift up our schools, and most importantly, lift up all of our kids. Based on his strong record of success, there is no better friend for teachers, parents, or public schools to have in the governor’s office than Jared Polis.”

“Our public schools here in Colorado face many challenges, including a shortage of instructional personnel, limited opportunities for families in rural and low-income areas, and the constant attacks on the performance of public school teachers in the face of ever-dwindling resources,” said Karlee Gutierrez, a 4th-grade teacher in Wellington. “I’m glad to see Jared advancing a thoughtful plan to tackle these challenges head on and ensure that our public schools are equipped to meet the needs of students, parents, and teachers.”

Polis, who himself served as a school superintendent, was elected to a six-year term on the Colorado Board of Education, where he went on to be chairman. In Congress, he serves on the Education and Workforce Committee and helped write the bipartisan Every Student Succeeds Act, the law that replaced No Child Left Behind.

Polis Campaign Launches TrumpTancredo.com

Tancredo’s own words make clear his deep ideological ties to Trump and the hate-filled

extremists whose support they both seek

The Polis for Colorado campaign today debuted a new website highlighting Tom Tancredo’s views and policy proposals — as told by Tom Tancredo.

Tuesday’s elections sent a resounding message that the American people are rejecting the values of Donald Trump. Make no mistake: Tom Tancredo and Donald Trump are ideologically one and the same,said Mara Sheldon, spokesperson for the Polis campaign. With his own words supporting white nationalist groups and his radical, right-wing agenda, Tancredo is unabashedly seeking to bring Trump-style politics here to Colorado. His record and words speak for themselves.”

“Jared is running a campaign on a bold vision for Colorado, where everyone is equal and every family has the opportunity to succeed. A vastly different choice.”

Tancredo, a Breitbart columnist who recently made news with his passionate defense of the white nationalist group VDARE, has in the past run campaign ads blaming immigrants for terrorist attacks, once told President Obama to go “back” to Kenya, and famously questioned the integrity of the Pope.

More information about Tancredo’s record can be found at http://TrumpTancredo.com.

Jared Polis Unveils Plan for Expanding Broadband Access in Rural Colorado

Candidate for Governor Rolls out Policy Proposals in Joint Op-Ed with Summit County Commissioner Karn Stiegelmeier

BRECKENRIDGE, CO — Jared Polis today released a plan to bring universal internet access to Colorado. In a joint op-ed published in the Summit Daily, Polis and Summit County Commissioner Karn Stiegelmeier detailed several policy proposals they both support to overcome the broadband challenges facing the state’s rural communities.

“We’ve all heard politicians talk about ‘modernizing Colorado’s infrastructure’ — our roads, bridges, highways, and public transit systems. But in our view, any infrastructure plan that doesn’t make universal internet access a top priority is woefully incomplete,” Polis and Stiegelmeier wrote. “Achieving universal internet access is one of the most important things we can do to help rural communities overcome economic disadvantages they may face when compared with the Front Range.”

Proposals that Polis and Stiegelmeier outlined include:

  • Fixing the “effective competition” standard so that much-needed funding for broadband buildout is moved to the Broadband Fund more quickly;
  • Modernizing existing law (SB05-152) to maintain protections for consumers, and removing the requirement that local governments go to the ballot before budgeting for or building their own broadband infrastructure; and
  • Fostering public-private partnerships to deliver high-speed internet to tough geographic areas
  • Supporting increased collaboration between state agencies, and the use of existing resources to deliver broadband to rural communities.

Jared Polis Releases Back-to-School Video Highlighting His Commitment to Free Statewide Full-Day Preschool and Kindergarten

Jared Polis is running to be Colorado’s next governor to turn bold ideas into real results for Colorado families. As students are heading back to school, Polis this week released a web video highlighting his commitment to bringing free full-day pre-school and kindergarten to every community in Colorado.


Free full-day pre-school and kindergarten means all children will have the same opportunity to be set-up for success while giving parents the ability to return to work, and Colorado will be stronger for it. 

Polis has spent most of his life working to improve and invest in our schools. In a 2000 statewide election, he was elected to the Colorado State Board of Education, where his peers later selected him to serve as the first Democratic Chairman of the Board in more than two decades.

Polis is the founder of several non-profit public schools serving at-risk children. In Congress, he helped craft the bipartisan Every Student Succeeds Act, which replaced No Child Left Behind.

For details on Jared’s plan to establish free, full-day preschool and kindergarten across Colorado, visit https://polisforcolorado.com/issue/education/

IBEW Endorses Jared Polis for Governor

One of Colorado’s oldest, largest labor unions is first to announce support

DENVER – The IBEW Colorado State Conference of Electrical Workers today is announcing its endorsement of Jared Polis for the 2018 Colorado Governor’s race. The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is one of Colorado’s oldest and largest labor union organizations and the first union to formally endorse Polis’ campaign. IBEW currently represents approximately 7,000 licensed electricians, residential wiremen and utility workers in Colorado. IBEW will be supporting Polis in the June Democratic Primary and November General Election.

“Jared Polis has held a strong record of supporting workers rights, energy independence, infrastructure investment and apprenticeship training in Congress and we are excited to support his campaign to lead our state into the future,” said IBEW Colorado State Conference of Electrical Workers President Jim Mantele. “Jared is committed to listening to working families and making sure that they have a strong voice in his future administration.  IBEW supports Jared’s plans for our state and we will be mobilizing our members to help his campaign succeed,” said Mantele.

Polis has been campaigning around the state to promote his bold agenda including critical initiatives that support working families with proposals to fully fund all-day preschool and kindergarten, prioritizing transportation and other infrastructure needs, achieving 100% renewable energy in Colorado by 2040, and creating an economy that works for all Coloradans.  Polis believes that IBEW members bring important perspectives to the discussion Colorado needs to have on energy and infrastructure.

“I am deeply honored to have the support of IBEW in this campaign,” said Polis. “IBEW brings deep expertise to our cause on energy policy, infrastructure investment and workforce development through their excellent apprenticeship training programs. Organized labor is an important part of making economic growth work for everyone and I’m honored to be the candidate for governor of Colorado who working families proudly support. Our campaign welcomes IBEW to our team.

ICYMI: Polis Shares 2008 Campaign Ad Showing His Longstanding Support for Federal Single-Payer Health Care

Polis Cosponsors Medicare for All Legislation in the House of Representatives

Long before the concept had any widespread support among Democratic politicians, Jared Polis was making the case to voters that a single-payer plan was the best way to ensure access to quality, affordable health care for all Americans.

Over the weekend, Polis shared a campaign ad from his first run for Congress in 2008 in which he campaigned proudly on his support for a federal single-payer health care system.

In Congress, Jared is a cosponsor of H.R. 676, the federal Medicare for All bill led in the House by Rep. John Conyers (D-MI). Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) recently introduced similar legislation in the U.S. Senate.

As governor, Jared will continue his advocacy for federal single-payer health care and pursue innovative solutions at both the state and federal levels to lower costs, expand coverage, and improve the quality of health care for all Coloradans.

More Than 800 Local Leaders, Citizen Endorsers Announce Support for Jared Polis’ Campaign for Governor

First Wave of Campaign Endorsements Come from Diverse Communities Across Every Region of the State

The Polis for Colorado campaign is excited to announce its first wave of endorsements from more than 800 local leaders and citizens combined across diverse communities throughout Colorado. In less than three months since announcing his candidacy for governor, people from every region of our state are energized by Jared’s candidacy and his bold ideas for Colorado’s future. Here’s who they are and what they are saying:

What citizens are saying:

“Jared is on track with all the issues we care about, especially renewable energy!”
– Bart Sheldrake, Golden, CO

“I appreciate that Jared Polis is thinking about the future of our children. I support his pledge to make Colorado the first state to transition to 100 percent renewable energy by 2040. It’s a bold, big goal, but we need bold, big thinking right now.”

-Debra Evans, Manitou Springs, CO.

What elected officials are saying:

“Jared has a bold agenda for Colorado’s future and a proven track record for getting things done. A winning combination for exactly the kind of person we need as our next governor.”
– Ramona Martinez, Former Denver City Council Member

“Jared has always fought for the issues that have mattered most to Coloradans and is exactly who we need to keep fighting for us as our next governor.”

Sal Pace, Pueblo County Commissioner

Full List of Endorsements

Endorse as a Citizen

ICYMI: Jared Polis continues to travel the state sharing his bold ideas for Colorado’s future

Halfway through August, Jared Polis continues to travel across Colorado listening to and learning from the people he meets, and sharing his bold ideas as the state’s next governor. In case you missed it, here are a few recent highlights:

Rep. Polis goes to Montrose” – Montrose Daily Press

Polis touts green energy in gubernatorial campaign stop in Pueblo” – Pueblo Chieftain

Gubernatorial candidate outlines vision for renewable energy, inclusive economy “ – Durango Herald

For more information on Polis’s travel schedule, please contact Mara Sheldon.

Jared Polis launches new video highlighting his plan to make CO 100% energy independent

Jared Polis is highlighting his plan to make Colorado 100% energy independent in a new video released today in both Spanish and English by his campaign. The video release coordinates with stops across the state this week to deliver his bold vision and big ideas as Colorado’s next governor.

“I’m running for governor to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2040 – for our health, jobs that can’t be outsourced, our national security, more affordable energy, and do to our part to combat climate change,” said Polis. “This Independence Day, join our efforts for energy independence.”

For more information on Polis’s energy plan click here and to watch the video in both Spanish and English click here (Spanish version)  and  click here (English version).

NOTE: Jared Polis is the first gubernatorial candidate to release a Spanish language video and plans to make bilingual outreach an ongoing component of his campaign.

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