Polis for Colorado Releases Ad on Capping the Cost of Insulin

Governor Polis Prioritizes Lowering the Cost of Prescriptions for Coloradans

Today, Polis for Colorado released a new :30 second television ad titled “Signed” that shows Governor Polis’s commitment to making Colorado more affordable by signing a first in the nation bill that capped the cost of insulin.

Karisa Hunt, a Type 1 Diabetic, details in the ad how she “couldn’t afford to pay for my medicine and also to eat.” As a result of being forced to ration her medicine due to cost, Karisa lost half of her vision.  

“When Jared Polis signed the law to cap insulin prices, I just started crying because it felt like saving my life,” Karisa said. Thanks to this law, nearly 300,000 Coloradans who are diagnosed with diabetes have access to lower cost insulin.

In addition to capping the cost of insulin, Gov. Polis signed into law the importation of lower cost medications from Canada and the Prescription Drug Affordability Review Board to help bring down the cost of more prescriptions for Coloradans.

Delivering on a campaign promise to lower the cost of healthcare, Gov. Polis has also helped to lower health care premiums for individual market coverage across the state by an average of 24% through the reinsurance program, and next year, the new Colorado Option will launch with a goal of lowering healthcare costs by an additional 15% over the next 3 years.

“Signed” also follows the release of “Keep” and “Simple,” which list some of the more than 100 ways that the Polis administration is saving Coloradans money by cutting red tape, streamlining government services, and lowering taxes and fees.  

As Colorado families feel squeezed by high costs, there is more work to do, which is why Gov. Polis is providing immediate financial relief by speeding up the delivery of tax refunds so that every taxpayer receives either $750 for individuals and $1500 for households nearly a year ahead of schedule. 

Next, every Colorado property owner will have their tax rate lowered for the next two years. The Polis administration is also working to add 16,000 new units of affordable housing on top of the projects already planned while cutting regulatory red tape and spurring innovative solutions to deliver more sustainable housing options faster. 

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Watch ‘Signed’ Here 

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Karisa: I was diagnosed with diabetes before I can even remember.

I couldn’t afford to pay for my medicine and also to eat.

Because of the side effects of diabetes, and rationing, I lost half of my vision.

When Jared Polis signed the law to cap insulin prices, I just started crying because it felt like saving my life.

Governor Polis made it a priority to make sure that insulin was affordable for anyone.

I am so thankful everyday that it’s not something I have to worry about now.

Governor Polis does what’s right for Colorado.