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Bold Plans for Colorado


I know Colorado can lead the way in creating an economy that works for everybody, not just those at the top, and I have a plan to do it. I support allowing cities and counties to raise the minimum wage, providing paid family medical leave, and ensuring equal pay for equal work, and we can do even more to address rising income inequality and ensure that workers share in the value they help create.


For our climate, for our national security, for our health, and for our economic growth, we need a bold goal of 100 percent renewable energy. As Governor, I will work with all involved parties to accomplish our statewide clean energy transition by 2040 while saving Coloradans money on their utility bills, and creating green energy jobs in Colorado that can never be outsourced.

Health Care

Let’s just get right down to it: Health care is a human right. Treating an illness or injury should never be a luxury afforded only to the wealthy few who can afford it. Your income, location, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, or current state of health should never be a barrier to receiving affordable, high-quality health care. I believe passionately in universal health care, and I always will.


As Governor, I will bring together a winning coalition to establish universal full-day kindergarten and preschool in every community across our state within two years. High-quality, full-day kindergarten and preschool promotes school readiness, closes achievement gaps, and supports the healthy development of all children. 


Colorado’s peaks, forests, valleys, rivers, deserts, and plains inspire millions of people who choose to call this state home. With a quality of life that can’t be beat and opportunities to recreate outside all year, open successful businesses, and raise healthy families, we are committed to protecting what makes Colorado so special — our pristine landscapes, our natural resources, and a world-class recreation economy. More than 71 percent of Coloradans participate in an outdoor recreation activity each year.

Gun Violence Prevention

It’s time for elected officials to start standing up to the gun lobby and take commonsense action to save lives from gun violence. No more children should have to die because of the failure of their government.


We’ve all seen and felt the impacts of Colorado’s growth in recent years. Traffic makes commutes longer and more crowded. Taking a quick trip to the mountains on the weekend means preparing for hours of delays. For our mountain communities, that results in more wear and tear on I-70, more accidents, more pollution, and hours of gridlock, closure, and lost jobs. When you combine the expense of accidents, lost productivity, and dollars burned in travel delays, our transportation woes are already costing Coloradans more than $6.7 billion per year. We simply can’t afford not to act!

CO Workers

Colorado’s economic growth makes us the envy of other states near and far. Our entrepreneurial spirit has pioneered massive advances in technology, manufacturing, and energy development. But when you take a closer look at our economy, there is a glaring problem: Colorado’s cost of living has far outgrown most people’s incomes. We are all #COworkers in our fight to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top.The Colorado way of life should be within reach for everyone.

Broadband Infrastructure

Building a universal 21st-century digital infrastructure enables more Coloradans to telecommute and can be a lifeline for many rural communities that rely on telemedicine. Whether you’re a senior who wants to video chat with the grandkids in Texas, or an entrepreneur looking to compete in a global economy, creative approaches to infrastructure play a significant role in making sure all Coloradans can live a good life in a changing economy.

A Dignified Retirement

Our state needs to refocus its local and state governmental bodies to think, legislate, and act in a way that acknowledges this age shift and confronts future challenges now. This is not a political issue, nor is it a partisan one. This is about taking care of our friends and family the best we can so that every Coloradan can age with dignity.

Criminal and Social Justice

Colorado needs to lead the way in building diversity in our economy that creates jobs and increases wages, but also reduces the racial wealth gap. In fact, the Economic Policy Institute has found that average white wealth is seven times higher than for African American families. That makes saving for retirement, buying a home, or providing higher education opportunities to children a difficult task. I will work to address this growing crisis and make Colorado a state where communities of color will succeed.


Coloradans pride ourselves on our ability to innovate and lead the way forward into the future. Though our economy has grown, the next governor will need to continue to keep our state at the forefront of emerging markets in the technology sector. In recent years the growth of distributed ledger technology has turned into a multibillion dollar industry and has the ability to revolutionize industries across the nation and our state.

Animal Welfare

You can tell a lot about people by the way they treat animals, and the same can be said for our society. Colorado is home to some of North America’s most majestic wild animals, and millions of domestic and farmed animals, too. Like on so many issues, Washington D.C. is walking away from its moral responsibilities, and it’s time for states to lead.


From the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo to the Western National Stock Show held every year in Denver, Colorado has become synonymous with a rich history and culture of American agriculture. Farmers and ranchers that call Colorado home benefit from a thriving and expanding export market, and the quality of our land, air, and water is unmatched across the nation. Making Colorado the best state in the nation for farmers, ranchers, and agriculture businesses to call home will continue to be one of our state’s primary objectives when we take office.

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