Governor Polis Launches First TV Ad, Pledges to Always Do What’s Right for Colorado

Polis Assures Coloradans “It’s Not Just the Shoes

Today, Governor Polis launched his first TV ad for the 2022 general election, a :30 second spot called “Shoes.” 

Showcasing Governor Polis’s iconic brightly colored sneakers, the ad highlights how the energetic Gov. Polis and his administration are delivering on major commitments to Colorado while lowering costs for families and making sure they can hold on to their hard earned money. 

From creating free, full-day kindergarten to eliminating taxes for small businesses to being first- in-the-nation to cap the cost of Insulin, the ad demonstrates the breadth of high-impact and cost-cutting efforts that the Polis administration has gotten done for Colorado. 

In the ad, the Governor also takes pause to assure Coloradans that “It’s not just the shoes” that have led Colorado through tough times to having one of the strongest recovering economies in the nation. 

Knowing there is more hard work to do and determined to ensure Colorado’s brightest days are ahead, Gov. Polis makes another pledge to Coloradans, saying, “Whatever the challenges, every step of the way, I’ll always keep doing what’s right for Colorado.”

Watch the full ad here

This ad will air in every TV market across Colorado as well as across digital platforms.

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Here is the full transcript.

VARIOUS NEWS REPORTERS: Governor Jared Polis coming through on one of his biggest promises.

Becoming the first state to cap copays on insulin.

Hundreds of extra dollars going back into the wallets of taxpayers.

Bipartisan property tax relief.

Free, full-day kindergarten.

Relief is on the way for small businesses.

Put more money into the pockets of hardworking Coloradans.

PAT MOORE: It’s gotta be those shoes. 

GOVERNOR: It’s definitely not the shoes. And we’ve got a lot more work to do. But whatever the challenge is, every step of the way, I’ll always keep doing what’s right for Colorado.