Governor Polis Hosts Roundtable with Latino Business Leaders

Group Agrees the Governor “Represents All of Our Interests”

Yesterday, Governor Polis hosted a roundtable with Latino business leaders from the metro area to discuss the strength of Colorado’s recovery and additional opportunities for these businesses to keep thriving.

“Over the past four years, we have worked hard to support minority owned businesses across Colorado,” said Governor Polis. “Whether that was by providing over $177 million in state gap funding for small businesses who did not receive PPP loans, reducing taxes on restaurants and bars during the height of the pandemic, or by lowering property tax rates for small businesses, I’m proud that we have made Colorado one of the top states for business in the country. We have more hard work ahead and I am excited to work together to ensure we strengthen our business communities across the state.”

Over the course of an hour, the group of more than a dozen business leaders touched on topics ranging from what has been going well for their businesses, the impact that national trends have had on their success, and steps that can be taken to help them prosper in the future.

What Latino Business Leaders Had to Say:

Juan Padro, Owner of Señor Bear

“You want to vote for somebody that is going to represent you. The Hispanic community is a large part of the state of Colorado and I think it speaks volumes that Governor Polis is so focused on what our needs are. I want to encourage the Latin community to get out and vote for the Governor this November because of his continued partnership and understanding of local elections as well.”

Dalia Labrador, Attorney at GLaw Defense

“It’s important to have somebody that represents all of our interests – not just what their own agenda is. I think a lot of people in our community have skepticism about voting in general but, with Governor Polis, we see that once the campaign is over he goes to work making the changes we talked about.  You do see the implementation.  You do see the promises come true.  It gives our community more faith. Yes, he is doing what he told us he is going to do, so we should continue to vote for him.”

Armando Martin, Owner of XL Edge, Board Member for Servicos De La Raza

“I’m voting for Governor Polis because it’s important for us to maintain our continuity behind trusted leaders for as long as we can.  The Governor is a business oriented person and his support of Latino friendly policies are why we should continue to support him this fall.”