Polis Outlines His Vision to Move Colorado Forward During First Debate

MAGA Opponent Highlights Her Extreme Agenda

Pueblo, CO – Governor Jared Polis took part in his first general election debate tonight, hosted by the Pueblo Metro Chamber of Commerce on the campus of CSU-Pueblo.  During the hour-long debate that focused on issues critical to Colorado, the Governor outlined his vision for increasing economic growth, reducing costs, improving public safety, securing our energy future, and responsibly managing our most precious resource: water.

Polis Promises to Show Up for Pueblo 

Pueblo Mayor Nick Gradisar

“It takes more than talking points and extreme attacks to lead a state. It requires courage and tough decision-making. Governor Polis demonstrated tonight that he is the one best-equipped to keep Coloradans safe, healthy and successful. He knows the challenges ahead of us, but more importantly, he has worked alongside us to develop smart, pragmatic solutions.”

Majority Leader Daneya Esgar (HD-46)

“We saw a clear choice tonight on stage in Pueblo. Colorado can choose someone who is wildly out of touch with what Southern Colorado needs, or we can choose Governor Polis – someone who is committed to cutting costs, setting our Colorado kids up for success, and building great futures for all of us.”

Senator Nick Hinrichsen (SD-3)

“Governor Polis has led with a steady hand. Under his leadership, we’ve weathered global pandemic and economic turmoil with incredible resilience. Because of that, Colorado continues to grow, and working families are starting to see more opportunities because of our investments in the middle class.” 

Sal Pace, Former Colorado House Representative, Businessman

“As a businessman, Governor Polis knows what it takes to keep growing good-paying jobs and strong businesses in Southern Colorado. Tonight in Pueblo, our Governor showed exactly why he should be re-elected. We can count on him to build resilient communities with more opportunities to prosper.”

John Singletary, a Pueblo Rancher

“I know Governor Polis, and so does Pueblo. He’s a dedicated leader and a fighter who is making sure Colorado’s communities and industries can thrive for generations to come. As we saw tonight, he doesn’t get caught up in politicking. He listens to Coloradans and will deliver on what we need most to succeed.”

Mike Hartkop, Owner, Solar Roast Coffee

“Tonight was an important reminder of what the past four years have taught us about Governor Polis’ leadership. As a small business owner, I feel supported. As a Puebloan, I feel heard and understood. As a Coloradan, I have never felt better about the future of our state.”