Polis for Colorado Releases Ads on Ensuring Coloradans ‘Keep More of What You Earn’

Today, Polis for Colorado released two new 15 second ads highlighting Governor Polis’s commitment to making Colorado more affordable and his efforts to provide cost relief for Coloradans, a top priority for his administration.

The campaign, today, also launched PolisSavesYouMoney.com to provide a list of just some of the ways that Gov. Polis and his administration are helping Coloradans keep more of the money they earn. From families to seniors to small business owners, the ads provide a number of examples of far-reaching, high-impact cost cuts and savings for Coloradans across the state. 

On Day One, Gov. Polis immediately got to work providing all-day kindergarten and free universal preschool across Colorado, saving families almost $10,000 on pre-K and kindergarten. He also successfully worked to cap the cost of insulin, lowered health care premiums for individual market coverage across the state by 24% through the reinsurance program, and eliminated taxes for seniors and small businesses

Polis’s administration has delivered over 100 ways to save Coloradans money by cutting red tape, streamlining government services, and lowering taxes and fees. Today, Colorado offers some of the lowest tax rates in the nation including the fourth lowest property taxes in the United States.

As Colorado families feel squeezed by high costs, there is more work to do, which is why Gov. Polis is providing immediate financial relief by speeding up the delivery of tax refunds so that every taxpayer receives either $750 for individuals and $1500 for households nearly a year ahead of schedule. Next, every Colorado property owner will have their tax rate lowered for the next two years. The Polis administration is also working to add 16,000 new units of affordable housing on top of the projects already planned while cutting regulatory red tape and spurring innovative solutions to deliver more sustainable housing options faster. 

“Governor Polis is committed to making Colorado a place that families can afford to thrive by taking urgent action to help people keep their hard-earned money while reducing the cost of major expenses like education, healthcare, and housing,” said campaign spokesperson Amber Miller. 

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VO: As Governor, Jared Polis has reduced taxes and fees for

Woman 1: small businesses,

Woman 2: homeowners,

Man 1: drivers,

Man 2: farmers and ranchers,

Woman 3: on Social Security, 

Woman 4: restaurants like mine,

Man 3: bars like mine,

Man 4: hikers,

Woman 5: and more.

VO: See how Governor Polis is helping you keep more of the money you earn.

Watch ‘Simple’ Here 

Transcript Below and Fact Check Here 

Governor Polis:

It’s simple. I am for more freedom and lower taxes.

So I got rid of taxes on Social Security income for seniors, cut small business taxes,lowered property taxes for every homeowner, and much more. 

Doing what’s right for Colorado.

Helping you keep more of what you earn.