Polis for Colorado Launches Second TV Ad, Highlights Governor’s Leadership to Keep Families Safe from Wildfires

Delivering on “Better Equipment and Faster Response Times” to Wildfires

Today, Governor Polis launched his second TV ad for the 2022 general election, a :30 second spot called “Bigger,” featuring multiple Colorado firefighters who speak to the Governor’s work leading the state through challenges and working to keep families safe from wildfires.

Since taking office, Gov. Polis has significantly strengthened the state’s ability to mitigate, respond to, and recover from wildfires and natural disasters as Colorado has faced some of the most destructive wildfires in state history.

In the ad, a Colorado firefighter tells Coloradans that, “What the Governor has done created more capacity for us to work in some of these complex fires. I see him being proactive. I mean, that’s leadership.”

Watch the full ad here. 

From investing more than $150 million in wildfire prevention and mitigation efforts to providing new tools that drastically improve response times, Gov. Polis is focused on proactive efforts to address the state’s now year-round wildfire season. 

His actions include making sure that Colorado’s fire fighters and departments are more prepared and well-resourced than ever before, expanding fire risk reduction for communities and homeowners near wildlands, and extending additional paid time off for state employees who are volunteer fighters.  

With steady leadership and hard work together with Coloradans, Governor Polis has led Colorado through tough times including wildfires and a once-in-a-century pandemic by doing what is right for Colorado and getting the job done.  

This ad will air in TV markets and on satellite as well as across digital platforms statewide. Find the fact check here.

Visit our website at PolisforColorado.com for more commitments that Governor Polis has delivered on throughout his first term and his vision to deliver more opportunities for families in the future. 

Here is the full transcript.

FIRE FIGHTER 1: Wildfires are burning hotter and faster and larger than they have in the past.

FIRE FIGHTER 2: What the Governor has done created more capacity for us to work in some of these complex fires.

FIRE FIGHTER 3: He’s making sure we have the tools we need…

FIRE FIGHTER 1: …to not only help prevent fires, but to hit ‘em hard and fast so that they don’t have a chance to grow larger.

FIRE FIGHTER 4: Better equipment…

FIRE FIGHTER 5: …faster response times.

FIRE FIGHTER 1: It’s going to have a huge impact.

FIRE FIGHTER 2: I see him being proactive, I mean, that’s leadership.

FIRE FIGHTER 4: Governor Polis does what’s right for Colorado.

FIRE FIGHTER 6: He’s a great man. And he also supports firefighters. Those two things you can’t beat.