Protecting our families and communities.

Governor Polis is improving public safety by expanding background checks on gun purchases while making sure local law enforcement have the tools they need to fight crime and doing more to prevent crime in the first place by expanding drug treatment and mental health services.  

  1. Investing $166 million to support local law enforcement and expand treatment services including early intervention and diversion, school safety, mental health and drug addiction, and recidivism programs.
  2. Keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, domestic abusers and those experiencing a mental health crisis by expanding background checks and closing loopholes, enacting red flag laws and ensuring safe storage.
  3. Taking on fentanyl trafficking by significantly increasing the criminal penalties for possessing the drug while investing over $50 million in local efforts to catch drug dealers, prevent overdose deaths and provide drug treatment and education campaigns.
  4. Expanding innovative intervention programs such as the co-responder program, helping police get back on patrol duties 12% faster so they can focus on fighting crime.
  5. Giving our law enforcement officers the tools they need to go after vehicle thieves by creating additional penalties for stealing catalytic converters and cracking down on the secondary market – making it harder to sell stolen cars and parts.