Expanding our freedoms.

Governor Polis is focused on expanding opportunities so that every Coloradan can live the life they want, protecting our right to choose, our right to marry who we love and our choices on how we raise and educate our kids.

  1. Codified the right to an abortion and the right to use or refuse contraceptive care into Colorado state law by signing the Reproductive Health Equity Act (RHEA). Colorado was the 16th state to enshrine the fundamental right to abortion into law.
  2. Issued an Executive Order making it clear Colorado will not allow other states to criminalize reproductive healthcare for providers and patients.
  3. Fought for parent’s rights to send their kids where they want to go to school.
  4. Protected LGBTQ+ Coloradans’ right to be free from discrimination based on their gender identity or gender expression and banned the abusive and discredited practice of conversion therapy, especially for Colorado’s LGBTQ+ youth.
  5. Made voting more accessible by expanding online and automatic voter registration.