Setting Colorado kids up for success.

Governor Polis continues to set Colorado kids up for success by starting free, all-day kindergarten and making record investments in local schools to reduce class size and pay teachers more.

  1. Providing all-day kindergarten – and, starting soon, free universal preschool – to families across Colorado, while saving them saving families thousands of dollars per year on pre-k and kindergarten.
  2. Increasing per pupil funding for Colorado public schools by 18%, lowering class sizes and increasing teacher pay.
  3. Supporting and expanding our teaching workforce in all four corners of the state by increasing teacher salaries, offering loan repayment assistance, and increasing professional development opportunities.
  4. Froze college tuition for the 2019-2020 school year and addressing the cost of college by capping tuition increases at most state colleges at 3 percent, below inflation. 
  5. Increased opportunities for high school students to take tuition-free college courses and earn college credit, helping them get ahead on their education and saving them thousands of dollars in tuition costs.