Taking immediate action to help people keep their hard-earned money.

Governor Polis is focused on helping Coloradans save money. By capping the cost of prescription drugs like insulin, cutting taxes for small businesses, and getting rid of state Social Security taxes, this Polis-Primavera administration is just getting started.

  1. Topping the list of strongest recovering economies in the nation along with a steadily decreasing unemployment rate.
  2. Finding more than 100 ways to save Coloradans money, including sending $750 in tax refunds to every taxpayer early, lowering property tax rates for all property owners and delivering tens-of-thousands of affordable housing units over the next 10 years. 
  3. Eliminated state taxes on Social Security for seniors and eliminated business personal property tax for thousands of small businesses. 
  4. Providing all-day kindergarten – and, starting soon, free universal preschool – to families across Colorado, while saving them saving families thousands of dollars per year on pre-k and kindergarten.
  5. Capped the cost of insulin, lowered health care premiums for individual market coverage by 24% through the reinsurance program and created the Colorado Option, which is set to drive down insurance costs further starting next year.