Governor Polis Welcomes Endorsement from National Organization, Jewish Democratic Council of America

Denver, CO – Governor Jared Polis today welcomed the endorsement of the Jewish Democratic Council of America (“JDCA”). Gov. Polis is the first Jewish governor in Colorado history. 

The JDCA announced the first of its gubernatorial candidate endorsements of the 2022 election cycle, recognizing those who share Jewish and Democratic values. This latest endorsement from the JDCA adds to the strong broad support from more than 300 endorsements for the reelection campaign of Governor Polis. See here for the full list. 

“I am honored by the endorsement of this prestigious national organization. The JDCA contributes a strong and unique voice of leadership – not just for the Jewish community but internationally,” Governor Polis said. “Standing for what is right and for what will advance progress for all, this is a value that JDCA embodies and is something I also strive to achieve everyday as Colorado’s Governor.”

Here is the full announcement from the JDCA.