Gov. Polis and Lt. Gov. Primavera Thank the More than 7,000 Grassroots Supporters for their Contributions

Polis for Colorado Makes an Ad Reservation to Ensure Message is Heard through to November

Denver, CO – Governor Polis, Lt. Governor Primavera and the Polis for Colorado campaign issued their heartfelt thank you today to the over 7,000 grassroots supporters who have contributed to the re-election campaign throughout the election cycle, as Q1 financial disclosures are filed today. 

The campaign recognizes that contributions are one critical way that voters are showing their support for Governor Polis’s re-election and his work to cut costs and make sure Coloradans can hold on to their hard earned money. The average contribution to the Governor’s campaign from supporters amounted to $25 from more than 14,500 contributions throughout the cycle.

Dianne and I are deeply humbled and so very grateful to all our supporters. It is this strong grassroots support that fuels us and our campaign for re-election. Together, we have gotten through some tough times, and together, we will continue to tackle our challenges and open up opportunities for all families,” Governor Polis said in a heartfelt thank you.

In addition to donor support fueling his grassroots campaign, Gov. Polis and Lt. Gov. Primavera have met with hundreds of Coloradans holding more than 50 meet and greets and other events. Their re-election has also received more than 350 endorsements from community members, elected leaders, business people, unions, organizations and more. This includes endorsements from national and local organizations and more than 100 business people across the state. 

In an effort to ensure Gov. Polis and Lt. Gov. Primavera’s message of cutting costs for families and small businesses and moving Colorado and our economy forward is heard all the way through to November, the Polis for Colorado campaign also is reserving $3.4 million in TV advertising space for the months of September and October. 

This step comes as the Governor contributed $5.2 million to his campaign this quarter to support the reservation and other campaign expenses. Governor Polis self-imposed a $100 cap per year for contributions and does not accept donations from PACs or special interest money to his campaign for governor. This sends a clear message to every supporter that their donation and their voice matters, and that the Governor is beholden to no one but the people of Colorado. 

This belief is also reflected in the Polis administration’s first term efforts by standing up to Big Pharma to lower the cost of prescriptions, pushing back against health insurance corporations to create a reinsurance program and the Colorado Option, and closing corporate tax loopholes and turning these funds into cost-of-living rebates for hard-working Coloradans. 

“From airwaves to grassroots, we will be bringing Governor Polis’s message to every corner of Colorado as we work hard to earn the support of voters. The Governor is campaigning the way that Colorado voters know, trust and voted for in 2018. He doesn’t take money from PACs or special interests for his campaign. And he doesn’t take anything for granted. He is a proud Coloradan who is in the fight with all of us to ensure Colorado’s brightest days are ahead,” campaign spokesperson Amber Miller said.