Fighting For You: 

Criminal Justice Reform

For communities of color in Colorado and across the country, it is often harder to obtain quality education, earn a fair wage, find affordable housing, or experience fair treatment under the criminal justice system. We need to end policies rooted in systemic racism that put communities of color at a disadvantage.

Fighting social and criminal injustice across our country and in Colorado

Jared has worked with civil rights icon and US Representative John Lewis to stop discrimination based on race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

Started public schools for homeless youth, pregnant teens, and new immigrants

Jared has dedicated his career to ensuring that every child, no matter their race or background, gets the great education they need to unlock the bright future they deserve.

Worked on drug reform in Colorado and across the country

Jared is the only candidate for governor who supported the legalization of marijuana in 2012 and is the lead sponsor of federal legislation to end marijuana prohibition.

Worked with Representative Ted Lieu to defund the War on Drugs

Ted Lieu and Jared worked together to redirect federal funding slated for the drug war to communities that are most vulnerable, funding projects to combat issues such as domestic violence and child abuse.

Fought for increased transportation funding for affordable public transit

Jared has time and time again brought millions of federal dollars home for transportation infrastructure projects so that a person’s income is not a barrier to their ability to travel around Colorado to commute and connect with family and friends.

Received a 100% from the ACLU and Human Rights Campaign

Jared has been received congressional scores of 100% by the American Civil Liberties Union and the Human Rights Campaign for his work on social justice.

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