This Earth Day: Sierra Club endorses Jared Polis

April 22, 2018

By Alvina Vasquez

Jared is so excited to have the official endorsement of our friends at the Sierra Club.

As you know well, when it comes to the outdoors and amazing natural landscapes, nothing comes close to Colorado. And now with Sierra Club’s 100,000-plus Colorado members and supporters on the team, Jared’s bold plan to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2040 and protect our planet for future generations is even closer to becoming a reality!

This Earth Day will you join our friends at the Sierra Club and donate $20.40 to help us get to 100% renewable energy by 2040 or sooner?

Unlike the other candidates in this race, Jared has a proven track record of standing up to protect our climate and public lands. From leading efforts to cut subsidies for fossil fuel companies to fighting to designate over 90,000 acres as wilderness areas — Jared’s always fought for the issues most important to us.

Over the last year, we’ve seen the Trump administration carve up our public lands, gut environmental protections, and abandon renewable energy technologies. Make no mistake, this is a direct attack on our Colorado way of life. That’s why we need Jared’s leadership now to push back.

With Washington failing in its leadership, it’s up to us to take bold action right here to make progress on the issues we care about. Will you stand with us to protect our planet from Donald Trump?

Jared is committed to taking bold action to make sure our state does everything in its power to preserve Colorado’s environment — for our economy, for the natural beauty and wildlife we all love, and for the next generation.

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