A Dignified Retirement

Every Coloradan deserves the healthy, dignified retirement they’ve earned through a lifetime of hard work.

  • We’ll help Coloradans without employer-supported retirement programs invest in their future by creating a retirement savings plan for workers to enter into. In 2016, The Bell Policy Center found that 45 percent of workers in Colorado lack a retirement savings plan at work. Colorado can help people plan for a dignified retirement by providing them a portable savings account to make it easier to save for the future.
  • Over 500,000 Coloradans rely on PERA benefits they earned over a lifetime of service to the public. In fact, $3.8 billion in benefits were paid to retirees in Colorado alone. I believe that we must preserve PERA as a defined-benefit pension system, and would do everything in my power to honor the committments we have made to workers. Any changes made to PERA need to be as fair as possible to all involved – retirees, current employees, and employers.
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