Blockchain Policy

Coloradans pride ourselves on our ability to innovate and lead the way forward into the future. 

Though our economy has grown, the next governor will need to continue to keep our state at the forefront of emerging markets in the technology sector. In recent years the growth of distributed ledger technology has turned into a multibillion dollar industry and has the ability to revolutionize industries across the nation and our state. From supply chains to cybersecurity to banking, blockchain-based solutions have the potential to reshape our economy, jobs, cybersecurity, and government transparency. As governor, I will ensure that Colorado explores the potential use of blockchain technology and works alongside the business community, policy experts, local communities, and Coloradans to build a robust economy for the future.

Here are a few actions I will take as governor to ensure Colorado’s economy and government benefit most from blockchain technology:


Voter Protection // Bolster Colorado’s Cybersecurity

Now more than ever, it’s critical for us to implement 21st-century cybersecurity infrastructure to make our government and election systems more secure, transparent, and efficient. As governor, I will coordinate with the Secretary of State and lawmakers to make sure we can empower local communities to explore improving municipal and county elections through the implementation of blockchain technology. We will also work alongside the Council of the Advancement of Blockchain Technology Use to create suggestions that will revamp and bolster our cyber network. 


Regulatory Sandbox and Securities

Similar to Wyoming, I will work alongside the legislature to create a statewide safe harbor designed to exempt cryptocurrencies from state money transmissions laws, and I will work to establish legislation that protects “open blockchain tokens” or cryptocurrencies that are exchangeable for goods and services. These moves could allow our state to attract innovative companies and allow them to engage freely in them – as issuers, exchanges, wallet providers – without the licensing requirements of the multitude of securities and currency laws. Colorado can pave the way into the future and implement safeguards here at home with the hope that the federal government can catch up to our progress. These ideas, while bold, will put Colorado on the map for fostering new technology and experimenting with the best way to implement safeguards here at home and across the nation. 


Energy Load Balancing

In order to become a leader in the renewable energy market, the State of Colorado should work alongside the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), municipalities, and utility companies to explore blockchain-based solutions to improve our energy grid. This transition could have the potential to make our energy more reliable, secure, and cheaper for Coloradans pocketbooks. 


Government Transparency // Digitize Government Records

Explore public ledgers with Colorado contracts and expenditure to be more transparent for Coloradans. This can reduce the size and cost of government bureaucracy while improving government services.


Council for the Advancement of Blockchain Technology Use

Continue to support the Office of Economic Development and International Trade to build on the progress of Governor Hickenlooper and explore further work and use of blockchain technology. In coordination with the Office of Economic Development & International Trade, the business community, lawmakers, local communities, and policy experts we will work to explore definitions, potential uses, and implementation of this sector that will benefit Coloradans. 

My goal is to establish Colorado as a national hub for blockchain innovation in business and government. I believe strong leadership will put Colorado at the forefront of innovation in this sector – encouraging companies to flock to the state and establishing government applications that save taxpayers money and create value for Colorado residents.


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