Meet Jared & Dianne

Meet Jared Polis

Jared’s whole life has been turning bold ideas into real results for Colorado.

I’m a Coloradan.

I was born here in 1975. My dad was a physicist and my mom was a school teacher, but after they moved to Colorado, they decided to pursue their true passions: art and poetry. I spent a lot of my childhood crisscrossing the country with my parents, staying in motels and selling posters out of a pick-up truck. Eventually, my mom and dad had the idea to combine their talents — his painting and her poetry — in the form of greeting cards, which they turned into a small Colorado business called Blue Mountain Arts.

I’m an entrepreneur.

I’ve started several successful businesses and will bring that start-up vision and energy to our state government. From my college dorm room, I launched American Information Systems, a dial-up service provider that brought the internet into many homes for the first time. I also helped take the family greeting card business online, and founded ProFlowers, a true startup where I did everything from loading the trucks the night before Valentine’s Day to taking the business public. Later, I co-founded Techstars, a startup accelerator where I mentored entrepreneurs from all walks of life, and Patriot Boot Camp, which helps veterans start their own small businesses after coming home from their service. I’ve seen first-hand how small businesses can create jobs and improve our communities.

I’m committed to providing every child a great education.

I’ve spent most of my adult life working to improve our schools. In a statewide election in 2000, I was elected to the Colorado Board of Education. As chairman of the board, I fought to raise pay for teachers while reducing class size for students. I also founded several non-profit public schools for at-risk children and served as superintendent of the New America School, which helps new immigrants earn their high school diploma. I believe it’s time for us to stop talking about investing in our children and start actually doing it.

I’m the U.S. Representative for northern Colorado.

I proudly stood with President Barack Obama to expand health care to millions of Americans, rein in the excesses of Wall Street, and protect our iconic public lands. And I helped lead the charge to replace the one-size-fits-all mandates of No Child Left Behind with a new system to help students from every background get the quality education they deserve.

I’m a dad.

My partner Marlon and I are raising our two kids, ages seven and four, to be proud Coloradans like their parents and grandparents!

I’m running for governor to turn bold ideas into real results for you and your family.

For Coloradans across our state, costs have skyrocketed while paychecks have barely increased . Together, we can take bold action to protect our Colorado way of life, with good-paying jobs in every community, lower health care costs, and provide an affordable high-quality education for every child in our state. 

I’m a Rockies fan for life 
(and before that the Zephyrs!).

I wanted to name our son Helton, but Marlon said no.

Meet Dianne Primavera

Dianne is a Colorado native whose career has been defined by improving lives in her community and fighting for quality, affordable health care for every single Coloradan.

A Colorado Native.

Dianne was born in Denver and attended both Regis University and the University of Northern Colorado. After college, she became a case manager in Weld for the Community Center Board, where she helped Coloradans with disabilities embark on fulfilling, successful careers.

A Mom. 

Dianne has two adult daughters: Kelsey, a nurse at University Hospital, and Darcie, an attorney whose work has focused on advocating for neglected and abused children. Dianne recently became a proud grandmother to Kailani, who had her 1st birthday in April. She also has two dogs, Porkchop and Mini-Me (Porkchop’s daughter), a bluefish named Kennedy, and a redfish named Lincoln.

A Cancer Survivor and Health Care Leader.

As a mother of two little girls, Dianne was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her doctor told her that she had, at most, five years to live. That was 30 years ago.


Since her first diagnosis, Dianne has fought cancer four times and survived. Her personal battle with cancer inspired her to make it her life’s work to ensure every Coloradan has access to the health care they need when they need it — because she has walked in their shoes.


Dianne knows what it’s like to go up against the insurance companies when they say they won’t cover the treatment you need to live. She knows what it’s like to have to balance fighting a deadly disease with putting food on the table for your family. And she knows what it’s like to be a parent and see the fear in your kids’ eyes when they realize their mom might not survive.


In 1990, Dianne joined the Rocky Mountain Regional Brain Injury Center, where her work focused on helping individuals dealing with serious injuries recover and resume dignified, fulfilling lives. Since then, she’s held many prominent positions throughout the public and nonprofit sectors devoted to furthering life-saving medical research and connecting Coloradans who experience illness with the treatment they need to recover.


Since 2017, Dianne has served as the CEO of Susan G. Komen Colorado, one of the largest organizations in the country dedicated to breast cancer prevention, treatment, research, and education.

A Public Servant.

Dianne served four terms in the Colorado State Legislature, representing Broomfield, Superior, and parts of Erie. Throughout her time in the legislature, she was highly regarded for her success working across the aisle to promote Colorado small businesses, lower prescription drug costs, and expand access to affordable health care. Some of her major successes included: 


  • Expanding Medicaid and private-insurance coverage for cancer screenings and women’s preventative health care.
  • Securing insurance coverage for autism services for children in Colorado.
  • Enhancing privacy protections for Coloradans’ personal medical information.
  • Creating a program to distribute unused cancer drugs to patients who could not afford them.
  • Creating a Business Personal Property Tax Credit to reduce costs for small businesses. 


Dianne’s work on health care and small business issues in the legislature earned her numerous awards and accolades, including the “Colorado Lawmaker Award” from the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce, and the “Legislative Leadership Award” from the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network. 


A Country Dancer.

Dianne dances five nights a week — taking after her dad, who was a dedicated ballroom dancer throughout his life, even on his 95th birthday.

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