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On Debate Stage, Polis Highlights Bold, Progressive Vision for Colorado

Jared Polis today drew applause on the debate stage for his bold proposals to bring universal health care to Colorado, make Colorado 100% renewable by 2040, provide universal preschool and kindergarten — and stand up fearlessly against Donald Trump’s destructive agenda.

“If we truly care about bridging the social and economic divide in this country, we need to make sure every child gets a great start,” Polis said, explaining why he is the only candidate with a plan for free, full-day preschool and kindergarten in every Colorado community.

“I’m ready to use my last six months of office to hold President Trump accountable in Washington,” Polis said in his closing statement. “I’m ready on Day One to battle for universal health care here in Colorado.”


“Jared is a fearless, progressive leader who stands up for what’s right, and that came through loud and clear today. I’m proud to be on his team and proud to call him a friend.”
State Rep. Leslie Herod, a Colorado Springs native and Harrison High School graduate

“Jared’s been on a roll lately between endorsements from Pat Schroeder, the Sierra Club, and John Lewis, and a field operation that has knocked on 100,000 doors all over state in the last few weeks. This debate will only add to Jared’s momentum. He showed without a doubt that he has the bold vision and the record of achievement to be an amazing leader for our state.”
Pueblo County Commissioner Sal Pace

“Colorado needs a governor with the courage to turn bold ideas into action. Today Jared Polis showed yet again that he is that leader. His passion for civil rights, for universal health care, and for our children’s future will make him an excellent governor, and that was apparent to everyone today.”  —Yolanda Avila, Colorado Springs City Councilor

“Today’s debate reinforced why I’m a proud member of Team Polis. Jared combines a positive, exciting vision for Colorado’s future with a detailed understanding of the challenges facing our state — from transportation to education to renewable energy. His enthusiasm for Colorado was palpable on the debate stage.” —Former State Senator Abel Tapia

Pat Schroeder to Headline Jam-Packed Polis ‘Breaking Barriers’ Campaign Event With More Than 100 Hosts This Thursday

State Rep. Leslie Herod will moderate a panel discussion with Schroeder and Polis on being the ‘first’ to hold a position

DENVER — Former Congresswoman Pat Schroeder will headline a Breaking Barriers campaign kick-off event with Jared Polis Thursday evening at Syntax Physic Opera in Denver.

More than 100 civic leaders (see invitation below) and Jared Polis supporters from around Colorado have joined the event as co-hosts, including Hon. Dickey Lee Hullinghorst, Hon. Leslie Herod, Hon. Betsy Markey, Hon. Polly Baca and Cindy Pena.

During the event, State Rep. Herod will moderate a panel discussion with Schroeder and Polis on the challenges of being the “first” to hold a position.

Herod is the first LGBTQ African American woman to hold elected office in Colorado. Schroeder was the first woman to represent Colorado in Congress. Polis was the first openly gay man to win election to Congress, the first gay parent in Congress, and would be the first openly gay governor elected in the United States.

“Jared made history when he was elected in 2008, and he’s served Colorado boldly and fearlessly ever since,” said former Congresswoman Pat Schroeder. “He’s been at the forefront of so many of today’s civil rights battles — whether it’s Equal Pay for Equal Work, protection from deportation for immigrant families, or equality for the LGBTQ community. Jared has been breaking barriers throughout his life and turning bold ideas into real results for Colorado families.”

“Jared has dedicated his career to breaking down barriers not only for LGBTQ Coloradans, but for Coloradans from all walks of life,” said State Rep. Leslie Herod. “He’s been steadfast in fighting for equal pay for equal work. He’s built schools for new immigrants, pregnant teens, and homeless youth. He’s demanded criminal justice reform that puts an end to the epidemic of mass incarceration that has destroyed so many families in the African American community. Jared has a track record of fighting the tough battles and winning. Let’s seize this opportunity to elect a governor who will fight for an America and a Colorado where everyone matters.”

WHO: Pat Schroeder, Leslie Herod, Jared Polis, and hundreds of Jared’s supporters
WHAT: Polis for Colorado Breaking Barriers Kick-Off
WHERE: Syntax Physic Opera, 554 S. Broadway, Denver
WHEN: Thursday, May 17, 4:30 – 6:00 p.m.

 The event is open to press. Members of the media interested in attending should contact Mara Sheldon at 720-840-1638.

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Pat Schroeder, First Woman to Represent Colorado in Congress, Endorses Jared Polis for Governor

Schroeder to Headline Upcoming “Breaking Barriers” Event with Polis

Former Congresswoman Pat Schroeder, the first woman to represent Colorado in the United States Congress, today announced her endorsement of Jared Polis as Colorado’s next governor.

On May 17, Schroeder will headline a Breaking Barriers campaign event with the Polis for Colorado campaign, where she and Jared will discuss with supporters the challenges of being the “first” to hold a position. More details on the event, which is open to the press, are available [here].

Forty-six years after Schroeder became the first woman in Colorado elected to Congress, Polis became the first openly gay man elected to Congress, where he went on to help President Obama to pass the Affordable Care Act, take bold action to rein in Wall Street, and lead the charge to pass the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act.

“When I ran for Congress, people said that ‘housewives’ couldn’t hold elected office. Then I was elected and they only gave me half a chair on the Armed Services Committee,” said Schroeder. “We’ve come a long way since then, but there are still far too many Americans whose voices are underrepresented in the halls of power. By electing Jared Polis as our next governor, we’ll be doing more than breaking another barrier; we’ll be sending a fearless, progressive leader to the governor’s office. I’m inspired by Jared’s plans to bring universal health care to Colorado and make our state a leader in providing paid family leave — and by his unmatched record of turning bold ideas into real results for Colorado families. Jared has a heart as big as a washtub and I am proud to endorse him.”


Watch Pat Schroeder endorse Jared here:


“I am humbled to have the support of someone who has always been a personal hero of mine, Pat Schroeder, a fierce defender of Colorado’s working families and an unwavering champion for equality in all its forms,” said Polis. “Pat is an inspiring Coloradan by any measure. She showed a generation of Coloradans that no one can hold them back from achieving their dreams. Together, we are going to build a state where a bright future is within reach for all Coloradans, no matter who they are or where they live in our great state.”

WHAT: Polis for Colorado Breaking Barriers Kick-Off with Pat Schroeder

WHERE: Syntax Physic Opera, 554 S Broadway, Denver

WHEN: Thursday, May 17th, 5:00 p.m. (Doors open at 4:30)

About Pat Schroeder:
Patricia “Pat” Schroeder was elected to serve Colorado’s 1st District in Congress in 1972 at the age of 32. She served with distinction for 24 years, earning her numerous lifetime achievement awards, including entry into the National Women’s Hall of Fame. Schroeder was the first woman to serve on the House Armed Services Committee, where her male colleagues gave her only half a chair. She has been a fierce advocate for equality in the workforce throughout her career and was a leader in passing the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993, one of the most important labor laws in modern history.

Colorado Professional Firefighters Endorse Jared Polis 
for Governor, Embrace His Forward-Thinking, 
Bold Ideas to Protect Colorado Families

The Colorado Professional Firefighters (CPFF) today announced their endorsement of Jared Polis in the 2018 Colorado governor’s race.

CPFF is the statewide association of Colorado’s firefighters unions and represents approximately 4,000 firefighters throughout Colorado. CPFF will now begin mobilizing in support of Jared for the June 26 Democratic Primary Election and beyond. 

“Jared has spent his career putting the health and safety of Coloradans first. We are proud he shares our values in that regard. That is why the CPFF has endorsed him to be Colorado’s next governor,” said CPFF President Mike Frainier.

“Jared has been a fighter for public safety and worker issues for the last decade,” said Phil Cordova, CPFF Secretary-Treasurer. “We need a governor that will work with Colorado firefighters to reform Tabor and Gallagher so that firefighters have the resources they need to save lives, fight wildfires and keep our communities safe. His commitment to support increased collective bargaining and protect defined benefit pensions in Colorado will help make the economy work for everyone.”

“We are all safer when our brave firefighters have the resources they need to keep us safe. Colorado Firefighters give so much to the communities where they serve and I am deeply honored to have their support,” said Jared Polis. “I’m running for governor to make our economy work for all Coloradans, not just the people of the top — and I am looking forward to working with CPFF to fight for public safety, defined benefit pensions, and for real reform on Tabor and Gallagher. Our firefighters across the state deserve the best equipment to stay safe while they protect all of us. CPFF is one of the fastest growing unions in Colorado due to the 2013 state law that expanded the rights of firefighters to form unions. They are proof of what we can do at the state level to grow the middle class and build an economy that works for everyone.”

Polis has also earned the endorsements of Pipefitters Local 208, The Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

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for Governor, Embrace His Forward-Thinking, 
Bold Ideas to Protect Colorado Families

Colorado Sierra Club Endorses Jared Polis for Governor, Says He Is the ‘Strong Environmental Champion We Need to Lead Our State’

DENVER — Jared Polis today received the enthusiastic endorsement of the Colorado Sierra Club, the largest grassroots environmental organization in the state with more than 100,000 members.

“The Sierra Club is proud to endorse Jared Polis to be Colorado’s next governor,” said Will Walters, Chair of Sierra Club Colorado. “From his leadership in Congress on environmental and climate issues to his plan to move Colorado to 100% renewable energy by 2040, Polis has proven he’s the leader Colorado needs as its next governor.”

“I’ve enjoyed hiking and exploring with the Sierra Club for many years, but Sierra Club members realize that we can’t take our amazing outdoor experiences in Colorado for granted,” said Jared Polis. “I’m so honored to earn the active support of the Sierra Club in our fight for a sustainable future. I look forward to working with their 100,000-plus Colorado members to preserve our trails and open space and make our state a leader in the fight against climate change. With Donald Trump and his cabinet of climate deniers attacking our public lands and removing environmental protections, it’s more important than ever to have strong environmental leadership at the state level. Together, we will protect our majestic public lands, safeguard our air and water, and reach our goal of making our Colorado energy grid 100% renewable-energy-powered by 2040 or sooner.”

Jared has released detailed plans to make Colorado energy independent and 100% renewable by 2040 and to protect the outdoor spaces that power much of our economy. In Congress, he’s been a leader on environmental issues. As a founding member of the Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition, he’s introduced legislation to designate 90,000 acres of wilderness in Colorado’s high country, led the effort to cut fossil fuel subsidies, defended President Obama’s rules on methane, and partnered with environmentalists and ranchers to protect the Sage Grouse’s habitat.

“Here in Pueblo, we’re already on a path to reach 100% renewable energy. We’ve seen firsthand how unlocking innovation in our clean-energy sector creates jobs and benefits consumers,” said David Cockrell, a Sierra Club leader and Pueblo resident. “Jared’s whole career has been defined by setting ambitious goals and then reaching them. He has the vision and the record of achievement to help Colorado become a leader in the world’s renewable-energy future.”

“Environmental protection is a top issue for Latino voters across Colorado,” said Irene Vilar, Founder of Colorado-based Americas for Conservation + the Arts. “Jared has dedicated much of his career to leading the fight for environmental justice. No one is more qualified to lead that fight for Colorado from the governor’s office than Jared Polis.”

“Coloradans can’t afford to just play defense against Donald Trump’s attacks on our environment and public lands,” said prominent Aspen environmentalist Auden Schendler. “Jared has bold, innovative plans to protect our environment and our outdoor recreation economy. Throughout his time in Congress, he has been a steadfast champion for climate progress–I’ve seen it on the ground and watched him go out of his way to support grassroots and policy action. With the Trump administration crusading against basic environmental protections, Jared is the governor we need to fight back and lead.”

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Jared Polis Becomes Only Candidate for Governor to Make Ballot After Going Through Both Caucus and Petition Processes

The grassroots operation that put Polis on the ballot is now knocking on doors in every corner of Colorado

BROOMFIELD —Jared Polis today became the only candidate for governor to qualify for the primary ballot while successfully navigating both the caucus and signature-gathering processes.

Polis earned 32.8% of delegates at the Democratic State Assembly, well above the 10% he needed to make the ballot. He also turned in about 33,000 signatures last month, the most in Colorado history without using a paid signature firm.

“I want to thank my incredible team of volunteers and supporters who worked tirelessly all across the state to put us on the ballot. And I want to congratulate Cary — she and her team should be proud of their strong showing today,” Jared Polis said. “Our grassroots operation is already hard at work knocking on doors all across Colorado and communicating our bold, progressive vision to the Democratic and unaffiliated primary voters who didn’t participate in the caucus process.”

“As Colorado’s history makes clear, we can’t really predict what will happen in June just from the small group of voters who choose to participate in caucuses,” said Westminster Mayor Pro Tem Maria De Cambra. “Jared is a truly fearless leader, and he has a progressive vision for Colorado that is exciting to voters from all walks of life. He has dedicated his life to expanding opportunity here in Colorado. As governor, we know he will never waver when it comes to fighting for our communities and for the bold progress our state deserves”.

“Jared gathered more signatures from more Democratic voters than participated in the entire caucus and assembly process. He generates the kind of grassroots enthusiasm that is needed to win not just the June primary but the general election in November,” said Adams County Commissioner Eva Henry.

“Jared has the bold vision it will take to win this race in November, and he has the experience and track record to turn that vision into reality,” said Eagle County Commissioner Jill Ryan. “As the only candidate with experience representing rural communities, Jared will work to bring our Colorado way of life within reach for every family, not just those at the top or in certain parts of our state.”

Jared Polis’ Bold, Progressive Vision for Colorado Brings Assembly Delegates to Their Feet

Coloradans who Break Barriers Join in Nominating, Supporting Jared Polis for Governor

BROOMFIELD — At the Democratic State Assembly today, Jared Polis outlined his vision for how Colorado can stand up to Donald Trump and the lead the nation with bold action and a progressive vision.

“And as governor, I am ready on day one to go toe-to-toe with Donald Trump,” Polis said in his remarks. “But playing defense isn’t enough. I’m running for governor because I believe in the power of big ideas, and it’s up to us to take bold, progressive action right here in Colorado.”

Polis earned cheers with his plans to provide free, full-day preschool and kindergarten for every family, make our state 100% renewable by 2040, and bring universal health care to Colorado.

Coloradans have an opportunity to make history this year by electing the nation’s first openly gay governor into office.

“I will be proud to be the first openly gay elected governor in the history of the United States,” Polis said.  “Take that Mike Pence!”

Polis was nominated for the ballot by his partner Marlon Reis, and his nomination was seconded by Colorado DREAMer Bianca Acosta. Also on stage supporting Jared were State Rep. Leslie Herod, the first LGBTQ black woman to hold elected office in Colorado; retired teacher and Trinidad City Councilor Pat Fletcher; Pipefitter and Union 208 member Gary Arnold; Eagle County Commissioner Jill Ryan; Adams County Commissioner Eva Henry; longtime community leader and First Latina elected to the Westminster City Council and current Mayor Pro-Tem Maria De Cambra; Cancer Survivor Marcia Kohler, whose family was saved by the Affordable Care Act; and Coloradans from all walks of life and parts of the state.

“I’m proud to stand by my partner and my fellow parent to our children, Jared Polis, who has worked hard every day to break down barriers for others, expand opportunity for those often left behind, and give a voice and representation to those with none,” said Marlon Reis. “There is no one who works harder than Jared. Ten years ago, you made history by sending Jared to Congress. Now let’s show the nation that Colorado is ready to lead the way in building a bright, progressive, inclusive future by electing Jared Polis as our governor. I couldn’t be more excited to nominate Jared Polis for the ballot for governor of Colorado!”

“I’m working hard to make Jared Polis our next governor — not just because we’ll break a huge barrier and make history by doing so, but because Jared is the best possible candidate to lead this state into the future,” said State Rep. Leslie Herod. “Jared is a true champion in the fight to improve our public schools, provide universal health care, and end the discrimination and violence that afflicts so many LGBTQ Americans. Coloradans deserve a governor who does more than talk about progress; we deserve a governor with a proven record of fighting the tough battles and winning them. That person is Jared Polis.”

“I first met and spoke with Jared back in 2000 when I was a teacher and again in 2018 when I was a City Councilwoman for the City of Trinidad,” said Pat Fletcher, a retired teacher from Trinidad. “His dedication to public education and public service is unlike any other candidate in this race. I have no doubt he will serve Colorado as a fine governor”

“Jared has done more than any candidate in this race to fight for working Coloradans and our families,” said Gary Arnold, Business Manager of Pipefitters Local 208. “Whether it’s fighting for affordable health care, defending collective bargaining rights, or leading the charge for employee ownership, Jared has spent his career standing up to special interests and working to build an economy that works for all, not just the few. We need his leadership in the governor’s office.”

“I’m proud to second the nomination of Jared Polis to be Colorado’s next governor,” said Colorado DREAMER Bianca Acosta. “Jared has never hesitated in standing up for Colorado’s immigrant families. He never hesitated in standing up for me and my family. He is the progressive, fearless leader that Colorado needs. Let’s send Republicans in Washington a message that they can’t bully the people of Colorado. Let’s make Jared our next governor!”

ICYMI: Jared Polis, openly gay candidate for Governor of Colorado, has a message for Mike Pence on LGBTQ bigotry

Polis reads “A day in the Life of Marlon Bundo” together with his family

In case you missed it yesterday evening streaming on his Facebook page, Jared Polis and his partner Marlon Reis read a bedtime story to their 6-year-old and 3-year-old children about tolerance, advocacy, and democracy.

The book, “A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo” written by Marlon Bundo and Jill Twiss is the story of a very special boy bunny who falls in love with another boy bunny.

Polis makes the powerful statement that even though LGBTQ bigotry has a prominent place in the White House, that is not the right direction for our nation or Colorado.

Watch the bedtime story with Jared, Marlon and their children here:

JP family.png

Polis for Colorado Makes $1.6M Ad Buy

The Polis for Colorado campaign today announced it has placed a $1.6 million ad buy for the three weeks leading up to the June 26 Democratic primary. The ads will begin running in early June.

“Jared has spent the last nine months traveling across the state talking with Coloradans in every community, and we are excited to build on that outreach,” said Mara Sheldon, Polis for Colorado Communications Director. “Jared is running a positive, inclusive campaign focused on big ideas — like universal health care, 100% renewable energy by 2040, and free, full-day preschool and kindergarten for every family. Between now and primary day, we’ll continue to communicate Jared’s bold vision and his track record of turning big ideas into reality, to families all across Colorado.”

ICYMI: Jared Polis Debuts First Campaign Ad Featuring Endorsement of Civil Rights Hero John Lewis

On Monday, Jared Polis released the first ad of his campaign for governor. The 30-second video features U.S. Representative and civil rights hero John Lewis, who worked with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to lead the historic march out of Selma and was one of the original Freedom Riders. Rep. Lewis has been on the frontlines of progressive social movements and the civil rights movement in the United States ever since.

“Congressman Lewis has always been a hero of mine, and it is beyond humbling to have his support as we continue building a more equal, more just nation,” Jared Polis said. “John Lewis knows what it means to fight for our fundamental rights and shared values. I’m proud to have partnered with him to expand access to health care, defend civil rights, and fight back against Donald Trump’s attacks on our communities. I will be honored to continue that important work as governor of Colorado.”

Click here to watch video

Below is a transcript of Lewis’ remarks in the ad:

“Not long ago, only 58 people in all of Congress had the courage to say, ‘We must start to impeach Donald Trump.’ Jared Polis is one of those few leaders courageous enough to vote to end Donald Trump’s presidency. Jared and I have worked together for years to expand civil rights and to make health care more affordable to millions. I’m proud to call Jared my friend. He has the courage to be a great governor for Colorado.”

ICYMI: Polis’ Three-Part Op-Ed Series Lays Out Bold, Attainable Health Care Plan for All Coloradans

ASPEN, CO — Jared Polis last week released the details of his bold and attainable health care plan for all Coloradans in a three-part op-ed series in the Aspen Times.

The first op-ed explained Jared’s proposal for a regional consortium of western states to establish a quality single-payer health care option, as well as his plans for preventive health care and reproductive justice in Colorado.

“With the absence of leadership coming from Washington, we need to think outside the box and lead the charge ourselves to bring universal health coverage to Colorado,” Jared wrote. “I’m running for governor because it’s time for us to translate the core value that health care is a human right into public policy. It’s not only the right thing to do, but the most cost-effective way to reform health care in the long-term.”

Jared’s second op-ed delved into the health care challenges facing Colorado’s rural and mountain communities, including the lack of access to clinics and providers and the high cost of care.

The third op-ed discussed Jared’s plans for cracking down on pharmaceutical price-gouging and lowering the costs of prescription drugs. It also detailed the need to treat mental health issues and addiction through the health care system rather than through the criminal justice system.

Jared is a long-time supporter of universal health care. He ran on a platform of federal single-payer health care in his first congressional campaign in 2008, worked with President Obama to pass the Affordable Care Act, and cosponsors H.R. 676, the Medicare for All bill, in the House of Representatives.

The full plan is available at

ICYMI: Polis Announces #COworkers Plan to Raise Wages, Expand Opportunities for Colorado Working Families

Jared Polis today announced his #COworkers plan (pronounced like “Co-workers,” but louder). The plan includes a comprehensive set of policies to address one of the biggest challenges facing Colorado families: wages have stayed flat while the cost of living has risen sharply.

“Take-home pay has barely increased while the costs to rent or buy a house have skyrocketed,” Polis said. “Salaries are almost flat at the same time that our state is experiencing unprecedented growth. In Colorado, we share the value that we should succeed together. Front Range economic growth should be coupled with prosperity on the Western Slope, the Eastern Plains, and Southern Colorado. We are all #COworkers in our fight to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top.”

Watch the video to see what union members in Colorado think about Jared’s plan here:

Jared’s plan includes:

  1. Raising wages and empowering workers — which includes paid leave, promoting employee ownership, defending PERA, expanding collective bargaining rights, combating pay inequity, and making housing more affordable;
  2. Giving Coloradans a world-class education and valuing educators — which includes bringing free, full-day preschool and kindergarten to every community, raising teacher pay, improving funding for child care programs, and reducing the price tag on a college degree; and
  3. Future-proofing our economy — which includes facilitating pathways to capital for startups and small businesses, confronting the challenges of automation, promoting alternative work arrangements that reduce the need to commute, and increasing technical skills training.

The full plan is available at

Jared’s track record fighting for Colorado’s working families has earned him the endorsements of the Colorado IBEW, the Pipefitters Local 208, and the Southwest Regional Union of Carpenters.

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