In Final Debate, Jared Polis Crushes Walker Stapleton — Whose Incompetence Is Hard to Watch

DENVER — While Walker Stapleton piled desperate lies on top one another in the final gubernatorial debate, Jared Polis made a strong closing argument for the inclusive and bipartisan vision he will bring to Colorado.


Highlights from the final debate:


Jared Polis Discusses the Urgency of Confronting Climate Change, While Walker Stapleton Pivots to… Hemp?

Jared Polis Defends the Dignity of Immigrant Families, While Walker Stapleton Turns His Back on DREAMers

Jared Polis Defends Reproductive Choice, While Walker Stapleton Doubles Down on Restricting Rights


Feedback on Jared’s Debate Performance:


The Honorable Polly Baca:


“Jared has won every single debate against Walker Stapleton, and it hasn’t been close. Walker Stapleton’s endless ugly false attacks are disgraceful and disqualifying. Jared’s bold, detailed ideas to grow our economy, improve our schools, and protect Coloradans from Donald Trump’s hateful agenda will make him an excellent governor.”


Former Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar:


“Coloradans have a clear choice between the candidates for Governor. What we heard tonight was that Jared Polis is the candidate that will take us into the future with a vision and plan to expand education and lower our health care costs. He is unafraid to think big and has a proven track record of problem solving.”


Former State Senator Mike Johnston:


“Through eight debates, Jared has been positive, forward-looking, and inspiring. Jared Polis is the only candidate who has focused on bringing Coloradans together to overcome our challenges. Jared tonight made a powerful closing argument that he is the best candidate to improve our health care system, strengthen our education system, and lift up our communities. I’m very proud to support him in this race and to call him a friend.”

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