Jared Polis Wins 9News Debate against Flailing Stapleton, Who Gets Booed for Re-Telling Lies

Fort Collins — Jared Polis tonight delivered a clear, positive vision on his plans to create good-paying jobs, reduce the cost of health care, and protect our environment from climate change — to the obvious fury of Walker Stapleton, who resorted to shouting debunked smears and got booed repeatedly by the audience.


In his closing statement, Stapleton posed a question: Which candidate would you want running a small business? Jared’s answer said it all:


“I actually think Walker framed it the right way: if you had a small business, who would you want to grow it? Someone who has grown several successful businesses, created hundreds of jobs, raised private capital, met payroll, and provided benefits for employees. Someone who’s been successful starting a start-up ecosystem. I co-founded Techstars in several dozen cities, Patriot Boot Camp empowering veterans and military spouses to start tomorrow’s great company.


“Look, we have some great ideas for Colorado. This is an amazing state. I’m proud to raise my 7-year-old and my 4-year-old here. I want to protect our parks and open space and make sure that they can enjoy the same Colorado that I love as a Colorado native. I want to save Colorado businesses and individuals money on health care. There is such low-hanging fruit to take on the special interests and make sure that people pay less. And yes, I want to make sure that every kid gets a great education.”


Earlier in the debate, Stapleton’s refusal to condemn Donald Trump’s repeated attacks on women and people of color went over poorly with the audience. So he resorted to repeating the false claims of an attack ad against Jared that have been debunked by reporters as “pathetic,” “desperate,” “ridiculous,” “unsubstantiated,” and “in the realm of fiction.” The ad is so deceptive that TV stations have begun taking the rare step of pulling it off the air.


Feedback on Jared’s Debate Performance:

Former Congresswoman Betsy Markey:


“Jared has a proud record of fighting for Larimer County and delivering results, and that came across loud and clear in tonight’s debate. Larimer County families deserve a governor who will work hard every day to improve our schools, protect our public lands, and reduce the cost of health care. There is no question after this debate that that leader is Jared Polis. Walker Stapleton simply isn’t up to the job.”


State Rep. Jeni James Arndt:


“There’s a reason why Jared wins Larimer County — because he knows our issues and has been working for us for 10 years. Jared has proven that he is the candidate Larimer County families can count on to continue to deliver for them in a new role — our governor.”


Former Loveland Mayor Cecil Gutierrez:


“After six debates, there’s a very clear difference between Jared Polis and Walker Stapleton. Jared offers solutions and a positive vision; Stapleton offers petty insults and negativity. Tonight was the clearest contrast yet. Jared was the clear winner.”

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