Another TV Station Takes Down Despicable False Ad from Pro-Stapleton Group

DENVER — CBS4 today informed the Polis for Colorado campaign that the station has taken a false, slanderous ad attacking Jared Polis off the air. ABC7 took the ad down yesterday.


The ad, which is paid for by the dark-money group Colorado Citizens for Truth, perpetuates a right-wing conspiracy theory that has been debunked by numerous Colorado reporters, who have labeled the claims “ridiculous,” “desperate,” “unsubstantiated,” a “smear,” and “in the realm of fiction.” Nevertheless, Walker Stapleton has continued repeating the false claims.


“The fact that TV stations won’t even air these falsehoods just highlights how shameful and pathetic it is that Walker Stapleton is clinging to them to rescue his failing campaign,” Polis for Colorado Campaign Chair Lisa Kaufmann said. “It is a disgraceful display from a candidate who knows he’s circling the drain and who’s made clear he has nothing to offer Coloradans other than debunked smears.”

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