Polis Highlights Bipartisanship and Delivers Positive Vision, While Stapleton Clings to Trump and Launches More False Attacks

Colorado Springs — Jared Polis tonight highlighted his record of working across the aisle and put forward real plans to lower health care costs, lift up our schools, fight climate change, and create good-paying jobs across Colorado. Meanwhile, Walker Stapleton repeatedly voiced his support for President Trump his $2 trillion tax giveaway for special interests and spent the entire night lying about Polis’s plans instead of putting forward his own.


Jared continues to advocate a forward-looking vision for Colorado, backed up by his long record of turning innovative ideas into results in the private and public sectors.


“When John F. Kennedy said in 1961, we’re going to get to the moon by the end of the decade, it wasn’t a mandate; it was a goal. And he didn’t say we’re going to get 75% of the way to the moon or 80% of the way to the moon. He said we’re going to get to the darn moon, and you know what? America did,” Polis said. “And you know what? We deserve cleaner air, and we need to act on climate, for our farmers andfor our ski industry, and we need better rates for all of you.”




Feedback on Jared’s Debate Performance:


Yolanda Avila, Colorado Springs City Councilmember


“Jared showed today that he understands the challenges facing Colorado Springs families, and has real plans to help us overcome them. On health care, education, the economy, and every issue that was raised, Jared was the stronger candidate. Where Walker Stapleton offered the same-old same-old, Jared Polis offered solutions.”


State Senator Michael Merrifield:


“Jared handily won today’s debate. His positive vision for building a strong, inclusive Colorado economy came through loud and clear on the debate stage — and was a sharp contrast to Walker Stapleton’s typical barrage of negativity and false attacks.”

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