Jared Polis Rises Above Walker Stapleton’s Petty Name-Calling in Grand Junction Debate

Outlines Plans to Reduce Rural Health Care Costs, Support Rural Workers and Entrepreneurs, Improve Colorado’s Education System


GRAND JUNCTION — In tonight’s debate, Jared Polis saw past Walker Stapleton’s name-calling and repeated false attacks and delivered a positive message of economic opportunity to Western Slope voters.


“You hear these words tossed around — ’extreme,’ ‘radical’ — these are fundamentally divisive words. I’m a uniter. I’ve worked with Republicans and Democrats nationally to pass our landmark federal education legislation. I’m ready to roll up my sleeves here in Colorado to get things done in a bipartisan way that brings people together. I’m not for the name-calling,” Jared said in his closing. “I was proud to sponsor a bill with Cory Gardner and Michael Bennet to help bring the BLM right here to Grand Junction or Western Colorado, even taking on some members of my own party to do it. I’m running for governor because I believe in the future of this state. I’ve run schools. I’ve served on the State Board of Education. And we have a plan to end decades of underinvestment in our public schools and make sure that every child has access to preschool and kindergarten, saving families money.”


Feedback on Jared’s Debate Performance:


Amy Roberts, Executive Director of Outdoor Industry Association:


“The debate underscored what Colorado’s outdoorists and outdoor industry already knew — that Jared Polis is truly committed to Colorado’s outdoors and the right person to be Colorado’s next governor. Jared’s track record of supporting access to and protection of our public lands combined with his innovative ‘Keep Colorado Wild’ plan to strengthen Colorado’s $28 billion outdoor recreation economy ensures he will keep Colorado moving in the right direction and strengthen our ability to attract outdoor industry businesses.”


State Senator Kerry Donovan:


“Jared showed tonight why he is the best governor to help lead the Western Slope toward a bright future. He made a strong, positive, and persuasive case for how the policies he’s put forward will support our economy and improve our quality of life. As a former educator in a public school, I especially appreciate his bold vision to provide every child with a great education. Jared won tonight’s debate, and it wasn’t a close call.”

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