Hickenlooper, Perlmutter, Colorado Leaders Praise Polis’ Debate Performance

Polis Outlines Positive Vision while Stapleton Rants and Shouts


DENVER — While Walker Stapleton ranted into the camera for an hour with false political attacks, Jared Polis used tonight’s debate to share with Colorado families his vision for reducing health care costs, lifting up public schools, and tackling the rising cost of living.


Feedback on Jared’s debate performance:


Governor John Hickenlooper:


“Jared Polis tonight powerfully demonstrated many of the reasons he will make a great governor. He outlined a positive, innovative vision for moving our state forward, backed up by an incredibly impressive record of turning big ideas into reality, both as a businessman and public servant. I’m prouder than ever to be supporting Jared in this race.”


Congressman Ed Perlmutter:


“Tonight clearly showed why Jared Polis should be our next Governor. He offered real plans on the things Coloradans care most about like saving money on health care, improving our schools, and helping working families get ahead. His opponent offered mostly attacks and platitudes. Jared is the leader to move our state forward — and tonight he made a strong case to Coloradans across our state.”


Dianne Primavera:


“I couldn’t be prouder of Jared after watching this debate. He was uplifting and inspiring. He spoke powerfully to the challenges facing our state and put forward clear solutions to help Colorado families. Jared’s whole life has been about solving tough problems and lifting up others, and that showed tonight. Onward to victory!”


Westminster City Councilor Maria De Cambra:


“This debate showcased the very clear, stark choice facing Coloradans in this election. We can elect Jared Polis, a visionary who is fighting for a bright future for every Coloradan, a Walker Stapleton, a Trump yes-man who has little to offer other than empty insults. Jared has all the momentum heading into the final month of the race.”


Adams County Math Teacher Marty Gutierrez:


“Tonight we saw Jared Polis proudly and thoughtfully outline his plans to lift up our public schools, students, and teachers. And we saw Walker Stapleton try and fail to run away from his horrific record on education — which includes calling for money to be rerouted from schools to prisons. After watching tonight’s debate, any Coloradan who cares about our public school system should have no doubt that Jared Polis is the governor our state needs.”


NARAL Executive Director Karen Middleton:


“Tonight, yet again, Jared Polis demonstrated that he is a proud champion for every Coloradan’s access to affordable, high-quality health care, including reproductive health care. Meanwhile, Walker Stapleton showed again that he simply won’t stand up for reproductive health, affordable health care, or any of the other issues that Coloradans care about. Hands-down, Jared Polis is the right choice for governor.”

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