Polis Campaign Responds to Stapleton’s Pitiful Attack

Some common ground between Polis & Stapleton: They both talk a lot about Jared’s bold vision for Colorado

Walker Stapleton released his first TV ad today. Rather than finally taking the opportunity to share anything about his plans for the future of Colorado, Stapleton instead continued doing what he always does: making false claims about Jared Polis.


“Walker Stapleton thinks the less voters know about his right-wing policies, the better,” said Polis for Colorado Campaign Manager Jenn Ridder. “Stapleton won’t defend his plans to take away Coloradans’ health care and to take funding away from schools and send it to prisons, because they’re indefensible. Stapleton’s entire campaign is focused on false attacks to distract from his dangerous agenda. It’s a pitiful strategy by a candidate who knows he has nothing positive to offer.”


Stapleton’s habit of speaking of nothing other than Jared Polis has been a theme of this campaign — as documented in this video.


With this new ad, Stapleton is doubling down on a losing strategy. His special-interest allies have deluged the the airwaves with no fewer than nine false attack ads against Jared already and have failed to make even a dent in Stapleton’s poll numbers.


Meanwhile, Jared today released a positive TV ad focusing on his vision for lifting up Colorado’s public schools.

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