Polis Applauds Stapleton’s Bold Plan to Fix Roads In Just 600 Years

Jared Polis today responded to Walker Stapleton’s new transportation plan, which lists potential revenue from legalized sports betting as the sole revenue source for upgrading our state’s roads and highways.

“If Colorado pulls in as much revenue from sports betting as Nevada — which is incredibly optimistic — it’ll be about $15 million per year. Our transportation funding shortfall is $9 billion, so at that rate, we just might fix our roads and bridges 600 years from now, or by the year 2619 with Walker’s plan,” Jared Polis said. “While it’s deeply disturbing that Walker has embraced robbing our schools, hospitals, and water infrastructure of funds in order to pay for transportation, at least it’s comforting to know that our roads and highways will be in good shape by the time our descendants twenty generations from now are old enough to drive their flying cars.”

For more information on Jared’s detailed transportation plan, which he released in January, visit https://polisforcolorado.com/transportation/.

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