Jared Polis Releases New Ad Highlighting Innovative Plans to Save Coloradans Money

Jared Polis today released a positive TV ad focusing on Colorado’s innovative, frontier spirit. The ad, entitled “Motion,” highlights how Jared’s plans to save Coloradans money will ensure families can thrive in our state and keep Colorado moving in the right direction.


“Colorado is a bold, forward-looking state, and this election is about making sure we keep moving in the right direction,” Jared Polis said. “Together, we can preserve our great Colorado way of life and make sure every family can thrive in the communities we love — with good-paying jobs across our state, a plan to save you money on health care, and a great education for every child.”


Watch the ad here.

Here is the transcript:


Narrator: Always in motion. Never. Standing. Still. That’s Colorado. That’s Jared Polis.


Jared: Colorado has a real frontier spirit. It’s really about innovation.


Narrator: Jared Polis built visionary businesses by caring for employees. Paying them well. Providing good health benefits. Now running for governor on…


Jared: Bold ideas to save you money.


Narrator: Creating good-paying jobs, lowering health care costs, and greateducation.


Jared: The state where everybody can thrive.


Narrator: Keep Colorado moving. Jared Polis: Governor.

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