New Polis Campaign Website Aims to Solve Eight-Year Mystery: Where Is Walker Stapleton When He’s Supposed to Be at Work? highlights Stapleton’s curious inability to show up for, let alone do, his taxpayer-funded job

The Polis for Colorado campaign today launched a new website,, spotlighting Walker Stapleton’s refusal to fulfill his basic responsibilities as State Treasurer, up to and including showing up for work.

The website highlights that while most Coloradans can’t get away with skipping work when traffic is bad, Stapleton has said that when it’s raining out, his commute becomes so long that he “might as well stay in bed.”

Stapleton’s failure to show up for his work is coupled with a failure to fight for Colorado families on the issues that matter most — including our underfunded public schools and the rising cost of health care.

“While Coloradans across our state are working harder for less, Walker Stapleton collects a full-time salary as State Treasurer but barely puts in part-time hours,” said Polis for Colorado spokesperson Mara Sheldon. “When he does show up, he supports policies that hurt hardworking Coloradans — like taking money away from public schools and giving it to prisons, ripping away health care from hundreds of thousands of Coloradans while raising costs for everyone else, and forcing police officers, teachers, and firefighters who depend on pensions to ‘suffer’ when they retire.”

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