Polis Releases Positive TV Ad on Education, Health Care, Cost of Living

Jared Polis today released a third positive TV ad in the Colorado governor’s race. The ad, entitled “Future,” is focused on Jared’s vision for tackling the rising cost of living that prevent Colorado families from getting ahead.

“We don’t want an economy where Coloradans just get by,” Jared Polis said. “We want an economy where Coloradans can thrive, and enjoy the Colorado way of life that makes our state such a special place to live. If we work together and take bold action to lower health care costs, invest in our public schools, and create good-paying jobs across our state, we can make that vision a reality.”

Watch the ad here

Here is the transcript:

Jared: I feel so lucky to be able to raise my kids right here in Colorado, but too many people are struggling just to keep up.

I’m Jared Polis, and here’s what I’ll do to help people afford to live here and thrive: Invest in our public schools, lower the cost of prescription drugs, real reforms to make health care more affordable.

Everyone in Colorado deserves the opportunity to live a great life.

Narrator: Bold solutions, real results for all Coloradans.

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