On Labor Day, Jared Polis Releases Digital Ad Highlighting His Commitment to Colorado Workers

Jared Has Been Endorsed by Labor Unions across Colorado

Jared Polis today released a new digital ad that features Colorado union members speaking about the challenges they face and why they support Jared Polis for governor.

The ad, which will run throughout the week on all of the Polis campaign’s digital platforms, includes members of the IBEW Local 68, Pipefitters Local 208, Colorado Education Association, SEIU, and UFCW.

“Everywhere I go in Colorado, I meet hardworking men and women who feel like they can’t get ahead despite our booming economy,” Jared Polis said. “Paychecks have barely budged, but putting your kid through preschool, paying off medical bills, and finding a place to live have gotten more expensive than ever. I couldn’t be prouder to have the support of so many organizations representing working Coloradans. I’m in this fight to build a Colorado economy that works for everyone, not just the special interests and well connected.”

Earlier this year, Jared released a comprehensive plan entitled “CO Workers” to raise wages for Coloradans, expand access to good-paying careers, tackle the rising cost of living, and future-proof our economy.

Watch the ad here


Here is a transcript:

IBEW worker: I don’t mind working hard, and I’m proud of working hard.

SEIU worker: If the economy is doing well…

UFCW nurse: …workers like us should do well, too.

IBEW worker: People used to be able to retire with comfort and dignity.

Pipefitter: Colorado is booming, and it’s the special interests who are reaping the rewards. Our bills keep going up…

Pipefitter: …But our paychecks aren’t keeping up.

UFCW nurse: We need an economy that works for everyone.

Pipefitter: So we all have an opportunity to get ahead.

IBEW worker: That’s why…

CEA teacher: That’s why…

SEIU worker: That’s why…

Pipefitter: …I support Jared Polis for governor.

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