Polis for Colorado Campaign Releases New TV Ad Highlighting Jared Polis’ Business Record

As a self-made entrepreneur, Jared created hundreds of jobs and ensured employees shared in the companies’ success

As Walker Stapleton’s special-interest allies bombard Colorado airwaves with substance-free attack ads, the Polis for Colorado campaign today released another positive ad focusing on Jared Polis’ record and vision for Colorado.

Narrated by Jay Jones, a Colorado business owner who launched his first business under Jared’s mentorship the ad focuses on Jared’s success as a self-made entrepreneur, his respect for his employees, and his commitment to helping Colorado families overcome the rising cost of living.

“Across Colorado, families feel like they can’t get ahead. Paychecks have barely budged, but between housing, health care, school, and daycare, the cost of living has gotten out of control,” Jared Polis said. “I’m approaching these challenges as an entrepreneur. I’ll bring that innovative spirit to the governor’s office and work to build an economy where Coloradans can not just get by, but thrive.”

View the ad here.

Here is the transcript:

Jay: We need a governor who gets things done, and Jared Polis always has. He created three successful businesses before he was 30, and that created hundreds of good-paying jobs. What makes Jared unique is that he gave health care to the people who worked for him. He gave stock options, too. When the company did well, so did the workers.

Jared: Wages haven’t kept up with the cost of living. We need an economy that works for everyone.

Jay: That’s what he’ll do as governor — help all Coloradans.

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