On Debate Stage, Polis Highlights Bold, Progressive Vision for Colorado

Jared Polis today drew applause on the debate stage for his bold proposals to bring universal health care to Colorado, make Colorado 100% renewable by 2040, provide universal preschool and kindergarten — and stand up fearlessly against Donald Trump’s destructive agenda.

“If we truly care about bridging the social and economic divide in this country, we need to make sure every child gets a great start,” Polis said, explaining why he is the only candidate with a plan for free, full-day preschool and kindergarten in every Colorado community.

“I’m ready to use my last six months of office to hold President Trump accountable in Washington,” Polis said in his closing statement. “I’m ready on Day One to battle for universal health care here in Colorado.”


“Jared is a fearless, progressive leader who stands up for what’s right, and that came through loud and clear today. I’m proud to be on his team and proud to call him a friend.”
State Rep. Leslie Herod, a Colorado Springs native and Harrison High School graduate

“Jared’s been on a roll lately between endorsements from Pat Schroeder, the Sierra Club, and John Lewis, and a field operation that has knocked on 100,000 doors all over state in the last few weeks. This debate will only add to Jared’s momentum. He showed without a doubt that he has the bold vision and the record of achievement to be an amazing leader for our state.”
Pueblo County Commissioner Sal Pace

“Colorado needs a governor with the courage to turn bold ideas into action. Today Jared Polis showed yet again that he is that leader. His passion for civil rights, for universal health care, and for our children’s future will make him an excellent governor, and that was apparent to everyone today.”  —Yolanda Avila, Colorado Springs City Councilor

“Today’s debate reinforced why I’m a proud member of Team Polis. Jared combines a positive, exciting vision for Colorado’s future with a detailed understanding of the challenges facing our state — from transportation to education to renewable energy. His enthusiasm for Colorado was palpable on the debate stage.” —Former State Senator Abel Tapia

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