Jared Polis Becomes Only Candidate for Governor to Make Ballot After Going Through Both Caucus and Petition Processes

The grassroots operation that put Polis on the ballot is now knocking on doors in every corner of Colorado

BROOMFIELD —Jared Polis today became the only candidate for governor to qualify for the primary ballot while successfully navigating both the caucus and signature-gathering processes.

Polis earned 32.8% of delegates at the Democratic State Assembly, well above the 10% he needed to make the ballot. He also turned in about 33,000 signatures last month, the most in Colorado history without using a paid signature firm.

“I want to thank my incredible team of volunteers and supporters who worked tirelessly all across the state to put us on the ballot. And I want to congratulate Cary — she and her team should be proud of their strong showing today,” Jared Polis said. “Our grassroots operation is already hard at work knocking on doors all across Colorado and communicating our bold, progressive vision to the Democratic and unaffiliated primary voters who didn’t participate in the caucus process.”

“As Colorado’s history makes clear, we can’t really predict what will happen in June just from the small group of voters who choose to participate in caucuses,” said Westminster Mayor Pro Tem Maria De Cambra. “Jared is a truly fearless leader, and he has a progressive vision for Colorado that is exciting to voters from all walks of life. He has dedicated his life to expanding opportunity here in Colorado. As governor, we know he will never waver when it comes to fighting for our communities and for the bold progress our state deserves”.

“Jared gathered more signatures from more Democratic voters than participated in the entire caucus and assembly process. He generates the kind of grassroots enthusiasm that is needed to win not just the June primary but the general election in November,” said Adams County Commissioner Eva Henry.

“Jared has the bold vision it will take to win this race in November, and he has the experience and track record to turn that vision into reality,” said Eagle County Commissioner Jill Ryan. “As the only candidate with experience representing rural communities, Jared will work to bring our Colorado way of life within reach for every family, not just those at the top or in certain parts of our state.”

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