ICYMI: Polis’ Three-Part Op-Ed Series Lays Out Bold, Attainable Health Care Plan for All Coloradans

ASPEN, CO — Jared Polis last week released the details of his bold and attainable health care plan for all Coloradans in a three-part op-ed series in the Aspen Times.

The first op-ed explained Jared’s proposal for a regional consortium of western states to establish a quality single-payer health care option, as well as his plans for preventive health care and reproductive justice in Colorado.

“With the absence of leadership coming from Washington, we need to think outside the box and lead the charge ourselves to bring universal health coverage to Colorado,” Jared wrote. “I’m running for governor because it’s time for us to translate the core value that health care is a human right into public policy. It’s not only the right thing to do, but the most cost-effective way to reform health care in the long-term.”

Jared’s second op-ed delved into the health care challenges facing Colorado’s rural and mountain communities, including the lack of access to clinics and providers and the high cost of care.

The third op-ed discussed Jared’s plans for cracking down on pharmaceutical price-gouging and lowering the costs of prescription drugs. It also detailed the need to treat mental health issues and addiction through the health care system rather than through the criminal justice system.

Jared is a long-time supporter of universal health care. He ran on a platform of federal single-payer health care in his first congressional campaign in 2008, worked with President Obama to pass the Affordable Care Act, and cosponsors H.R. 676, the Medicare for All bill, in the House of Representatives.

The full plan is available at http://polisforcolorado.com/healthcare

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