ICYMI: Polis Announces #COworkers Plan to Raise Wages, Expand Opportunities for Colorado Working Families

Jared Polis today announced his #COworkers plan (pronounced like “Co-workers,” but louder). The plan includes a comprehensive set of policies to address one of the biggest challenges facing Colorado families: wages have stayed flat while the cost of living has risen sharply.

“Take-home pay has barely increased while the costs to rent or buy a house have skyrocketed,” Polis said. “Salaries are almost flat at the same time that our state is experiencing unprecedented growth. In Colorado, we share the value that we should succeed together. Front Range economic growth should be coupled with prosperity on the Western Slope, the Eastern Plains, and Southern Colorado. We are all #COworkers in our fight to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top.”

Watch the video to see what union members in Colorado think about Jared’s plan here:

Jared’s plan includes:

  1. Raising wages and empowering workers — which includes paid leave, promoting employee ownership, defending PERA, expanding collective bargaining rights, combating pay inequity, and making housing more affordable;
  2. Giving Coloradans a world-class education and valuing educators — which includes bringing free, full-day preschool and kindergarten to every community, raising teacher pay, improving funding for child care programs, and reducing the price tag on a college degree; and
  3. Future-proofing our economy — which includes facilitating pathways to capital for startups and small businesses, confronting the challenges of automation, promoting alternative work arrangements that reduce the need to commute, and increasing technical skills training.

The full plan is available at http://polisforcolorado.com/COworkers/.

Jared’s track record fighting for Colorado’s working families has earned him the endorsements of the Colorado IBEW, the Pipefitters Local 208, and the Southwest Regional Union of Carpenters.

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