“Keep Colorado Wild,” Polis Releases Bold Plan 
for Preserving Colorado’s Public Lands, Way of Life

Jared Polis today released a bold plan to preserve Colorado’s public lands and ensure our outdoor recreation economy continues to flourish. 

“Whether you are native, or just moved to Colorado, we can all agree that the great outdoors are what make Colorado special. Colorado’s wild places are not only vital to our Colorado way of life — they are also the foundation for a multi-billion-dollar outdoor recreation industry,” Polis said. “Our plan is the result of hundreds of conversations with Coloradans who love the great outdoors; farmers, ranchers, hunters, conservationists, kids and families. Their voices make it clear, our great outdoors are one of the driving forces behind the Colorado we all love. And we must act boldly to make sure our cherished wild places are around not just for ourselves today, but for our kids and grandkids tomorrow.”

Polis’ “Keeping Colorado Wild” plan outlines how as Governor, Jared will work to:

  • Protect our public lands and wildlife;
  • Promote our outdoor economy; and
  • Preserve Colorado’s most valuable natural resource: water.

The full plan is available here.

What Colorado experts are saying about Jared’s public lands plan:

“The future of hunting and fishing in Colorado depends on maintaining high quality habitat, providing public access to places to hunt and fish, and adequately funding CPW, which manages our incredible wildlife resources,” said Eric Washburn, Steamboat resident and Former Co-Chair of Sportsmen for Obama, 2008 and 2012. “Jared’s common-sense plan effectively addresses those challenges and will help ensure the future of the sport for Coloradans today and in generations to come.

“Jared understands the economic engine that our public lands have become, but also that these special places are part of who we are,” said Auden Schendler, SVP of Sustainability at Aspen Skiing Company. “His plan shows that’s he’s done his homework on how to responsibly support industry, recreation, conservation and identity on Colorado landscapes.”

“As a state, we have a responsibility to conserve our natural resources while funding and managing our state parks effectively, said Michelle Zimmerman, Vice-Chair of the Colorado Parks & Wildlife Commission. “Jared’s plan prioritizes the preservation of our public lands while ensuring that Coloradan’s have the access to use and enjoy them.”

“Combatting climate change and the damage it is already doing in Colorado is the most pressing issue our nation and world faces,” said L. Hunter Lovins, President of Colorado’s Natural Capitalism Solutions. “Jared’s plan has exactly the sort of urgency and initiatives needed to tackle this issue head on, while preserving and promoting Colorado’s robust outdoor economy.”

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