Polis Campaign Launches TrumpTancredo.com

Tancredo’s own words make clear his deep ideological ties to Trump and the hate-filled

extremists whose support they both seek

The Polis for Colorado campaign today debuted a new website highlighting Tom Tancredo’s views and policy proposals — as told by Tom Tancredo.

Tuesday’s elections sent a resounding message that the American people are rejecting the values of Donald Trump. Make no mistake: Tom Tancredo and Donald Trump are ideologically one and the same,said Mara Sheldon, spokesperson for the Polis campaign. With his own words supporting white nationalist groups and his radical, right-wing agenda, Tancredo is unabashedly seeking to bring Trump-style politics here to Colorado. His record and words speak for themselves.”

“Jared is running a campaign on a bold vision for Colorado, where everyone is equal and every family has the opportunity to succeed. A vastly different choice.”

Tancredo, a Breitbart columnist who recently made news with his passionate defense of the white nationalist group VDARE, has in the past run campaign ads blaming immigrants for terrorist attacks, once told President Obama to go “back” to Kenya, and famously questioned the integrity of the Pope.

More information about Tancredo’s record can be found at http://TrumpTancredo.com.

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