Jared Polis Unveils Plan for Expanding Broadband Access in Rural Colorado

Candidate for Governor Rolls out Policy Proposals in Joint Op-Ed with Summit County Commissioner Karn Stiegelmeier

BRECKENRIDGE, CO — Jared Polis today released a plan to bring universal internet access to Colorado. In a joint op-ed published in the Summit Daily, Polis and Summit County Commissioner Karn Stiegelmeier detailed several policy proposals they both support to overcome the broadband challenges facing the state’s rural communities.

“We’ve all heard politicians talk about ‘modernizing Colorado’s infrastructure’ — our roads, bridges, highways, and public transit systems. But in our view, any infrastructure plan that doesn’t make universal internet access a top priority is woefully incomplete,” Polis and Stiegelmeier wrote. “Achieving universal internet access is one of the most important things we can do to help rural communities overcome economic disadvantages they may face when compared with the Front Range.”

Proposals that Polis and Stiegelmeier outlined include:

  • Fixing the “effective competition” standard so that much-needed funding for broadband buildout is moved to the Broadband Fund more quickly;
  • Modernizing existing law (SB05-152) to maintain protections for consumers, and removing the requirement that local governments go to the ballot before budgeting for or building their own broadband infrastructure; and
  • Fostering public-private partnerships to deliver high-speed internet to tough geographic areas
  • Supporting increased collaboration between state agencies, and the use of existing resources to deliver broadband to rural communities.
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